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Undertale: Indescribable Joy

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I still remember my first RPG, it was the original Final Fantasy on the NES. Even though I never beat the game, I played the hell out of it. Since the story was limited, I would come up with back stories and make up reasons for the party was running around. I played all the Final Fantasy games that came out in America. One of the first things I did on the internet in the late 90s was play the old FF games that never came over.

But the cherry on the top of my love for Final Fantasy and other RPGs was Final Fantasy 7. Back in the day, I had no idea Aeries died. I was leveling her up with the rest of the group and she was one of my favorite party members. When Aeries was killed by Sephiroth I was in complete shock. That motivated me to play FF7 dam near every waking moment for a good month until I beat it.

As RPGs have come and gone, I have always been chasing that feeling. It’s so fleeting, games keep me interested for 2-3 days at a time. Then it’s onto the next one. But recently I had the joy of finding Undertale from someone playing through it. That feeling from FF7 came back, but it lasted the whole game. Also thank you to a friend who purchased it for me after he heard me talking about it.

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My Dad is a Dick

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It’s midnight and I have to be up for work in 4 hours. So this is going to be one of those ranting life posts. One of my favorite lines from Fight Club is “Our fathers were our models for God, if they bailed, what does that tell you about God?”. So no surprise that I’m an atheist too (thanks to 8 too many years of Catholic School). Even Mark Twain has a great quote about Fathers:

“When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

My dad is still a dick and I’m 34 (dam have I ever wasted my life away). Truthfully he probably didn’t want kids, I did the math one day and my parents got engaged 2 months after I was conceived. He was also 9 or 10 years older then my mom and still living at home, wasting his time drinking and doing drugs. He continued doing drugs even after I was born, because I always specifically remembered one time he lit up a spoon with one of his drug friends when I was a toddler.

He didn’t stop doing drugs until he nearly died when I was six and basically saved his life. Of course this meant he went on to be one of those holier then thou people when it came to any kind of drugs or alcohol. He thought I was going to become an alcoholic cause he was and my grandmother was. But as my mom said “Don’t worry, he’s addicted to food”.

He basically kicked me out when I was 19, because I stood up to him being a bullying asshole. He stole money from me and complained about my music being too loud, when HE WAS THE ONE WHO BOUGHT THE HUGEASS SPEAKERS! How dare a teenager rebel for even half a second, time for family court.

But what this comes back to, is I was thinking of Artie Lange. I read his first book, too fat to fish, and I cried when he talked about his relationship with his dad growing up. Cause I never had that kind of relationship with my dad. I don’t know if it was because he preferred my brother, but anytime he did anything with me (or as a family, but was something only I was interested in) he put the least amount of effort in it as possible.

For example, I’m an Islanders fan, and he hated traffic. So he flat out refused to ever go to Nassau Coliseum. Clark Gillies Jersey Retirement? Better get your Aunt to take you. The 1996 Islanders Draft Party? My mom had to beg him and convince him that the traffic wouldn’t be bad on a Saturday morning. Any sort of football game? Better go with my Uncle, cause there might be traffic.

There were two really infamous things that always stand out to me. The first one was when I got tickets to a Mets double header. He got me to the game 3 innings into the first game. Alright, that’s cool, at least I’ll see another 12 innings of Mets baseball. Then at the end of the 6th inning of the second game he tells me we’re leaving. I’m like “Why?” and he tells me “You saw more then a game of baseball tonight, and we’ll beat the traffic!”

The second one that always stands out to me, was when he won tickets to a Knicks playoff game (while I still liked and followed them) and since it was MSG he traded them away to someone else. This became the LJ 5 point shot Knicks Playoff game, and I could have been there and up close to have seen it. But because of traffic and having to pay oh my god an extra 30 bucks for parking or whatever, can’t do it!

The guy who made the trade with him got word I was pissed about it. His repayment? He got me 3 Mets Tickets in the 5 dollar nosebleed section to a random game. That’s a fair trade you asshole.

Anytime he had to do anything, it was always forced. He never wanted to be anything but the breadwinner. Here’s the money I made, I’m dropping it on the table and then I don’t want to deal with anything else. Oh, I worked late last night, so make sure you throw the kids out of the house so I can sleep in cause how dare they accidentally wake me up or want to do something.

Even when he did do stuff with me, it was stuff he would have done by himself or that he would eventually piss me off about. For example, we went to computer fairs on a regular basis for a year or two. But of course one of my lasting memories of that is I had been complaining for 6 months that my computer monitor had no blue, so everything was green. He had been promising a new monitor forever. He went to the computer fair with my brother because I was out doing something, and comes home with a new scanner for his computer. The fucking thing was just as expensive as a monitor (which he lied about and said it wasn’t) and I had to continually point out his bullshit.

Speaking about computers not working, mine around the same time would constantly crash. At the time I didn’t know why, but it was largely because it had been overclocked too far and would overheat. Well that was the glorious time of dial up internet. Since my dad is cheap and not too smart, he got a phone plan for my phone which made every call 10 cents. Well my computer crashed so often, that I made something like 500-700 calls in a month connecting to the internet. Despite my constant complaining about the computer and wanting it fixed, he did nothing, until he got that phone bill. My computer got fixed within 3 days.

He just never tried as a father. He never cared to connect with me. Whenever I would outsmart him he would just get pissed and berate me. You might think this is some teenage bitching about little things, and I’m only remembering the shitty times, but I’m actually holding back a lot of the serious shit that when down around when I got kicked out.

Let me also mention something when it comes to him being a “breadwinner”. He had the easiest fucking job on the planet. I worked at the same company he did for a little bit, and I knew their policies. He’d spend 2 hours at home for lunch, when it was a max of a one hour lunch. One of our neighbors must not have liked their bill and called in to claim he was around at home all the time. I also caught him hiding the truck on side roads and napping while he was supposed to be working too. But to hear him tell it, it was the toughest job!

I haven’t seen him in over a decade. Actually I haven’t seen him since I was 19. The last time I even talked to him online was 4 or 5 years ago. He was pissed cause I was asking for money. Apparently asking for money around your birthday or christmas is too much in a year. In the end, I say fuck him. His two brothers did more to be dadlike in the time they were around me outside of holidays then he ever did.

Let him sit in whatever misery he is in, with whatever fake life and fake family he has for himself. Karma hits back hard and he deserves all of it, and then some. I think this is literally the quickest I have written this many words. I’m really pissed tonight and in general I hate the world. I hate everything. Or to go back to Fight Club for a moment:

Narrator: I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species. I wanted to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all those French beaches I’d never see. I wanted to breathe smoke.

Tyler Durden: Where’d you go psycho boy?

Narrator: I felt like destroying something beautiful.

PS: My mom will probably read this and complain to me about writing it. I just wanted to vent tonight, relax.

Snotlings Vs Rats

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I’ve played a few matches with Fear The Snotlings, but most of them haven’t been very entertaining. People kill Snotlings and then score a ton. There is one more video I have to make at some point. But playing the other day against a Skaven team, it was actually a fun match. So here it is!

The “Mystery Fire” at La Campagnola

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There’s a nice Italian restaurant not too far from me that I went to a few years ago with a friend. I remember it being a bit pricey, but it was good and an enjoyable time was had both times we went. Now that might have been nearly 5 years ago. I wanted to take my current girlfriend to a nice place to eat and La Campagnola was the first place I thought of. Consider my surprise when we were out doing stuff and drove by, only to see it had been gutted by a fire.

Curious as to what happened, I googled and found a news article. A fire late on August 15th ended up causing a good amount of damage. After reading the article, I noticed one of the comments mentioned that it was a bit convenient, as La Campagnola had been getting horrible reviews. I was surprised seeing this and checked their yelp page, to discover that they have gotten almost all 1 or 2 star reviews since the beginning of 2013.

I then did a bit more digging, and found out that La Campagnola conveniently happened to be closed the week of the fire. From their facebook page:

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There’s no more explanation for why they will be closed for those six days. A quick look at their complete facebook timeline shows that they hadn’t taken a break like that before (the facebook page was started in 2013).

Someone might think it was rather convenient, that they happened to be closed the week of the fire. That they were getting bad reviews online which might have been hurting business. All of this seems somewhat suspicious. But since I’m not a police officer or a fire marshal, what do I know? I found an article with the answer though…

Upper Gwynedd Fire Marshal Jeff Tomczak said there is believed to be no foul play involved in a blaze that severely damaged La Campagnola Italian Restaurant in Upper Gwynedd Friday night.

The article also states that the automatic alarm went off around 10 PM, which on Friday night is usually when they close. So it was very lucky that they just happened to have been closed for the week in which they suffer a fire. Also considering that it appears that La Campagnola had been struggling leading up to the fire (at least according to reviews and some quick googling) that a fire might have been very beneficial for them.

I am an idiot, and it took me 15 minutes of googling and time to discover all of this. Clearly other people are better then me, and that’s why fire marshals do what they do. If I was in their position, I’d be pissed because that’s an awful lot of firefighters lives at risk to contain what might have been insurance fraud. Also I didn’t say insurance fraud, because I am a moron and in no way know anything about the law. This was clearly an above board fire and nothing at all supicious about it. No sir, nothing at all wrong with a place going on fire after mysteriously closing for a week.

The Worst Dentist: Dr Varma Lansdale Dental

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I have never really had many problems with doctors in my life. I respect them, and as long as they do what they do competently, I’m fine. But this experience is one of the worst ones I’ve ever had at a dentist. Talking to people I meet in the area, I’ve found that quite a few others have dealt with him and the same bullshit. There are no reviews that you can readily find online, so I decided to do this post about my dealings with him.

I believe I broke a crown on a wisdom tooth years before. But finally it had gotten to the point that when it would get infected, you could actually see the nerves twitching on the side of my face. On top of that, it was abscessing, so I would have to drain it every so often. Which is one of the most disgusting tastes I’ve ever had in my life. I was in a bad way, and Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental was the closest (I have no car) dentist that took my medical coverage.

I went in for my first appointment, told Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental everything that was wrong. He said I’d have to remove 3 of my 4 wisdom teeth, and he’d fill in a wisdom tooth and two other teeth that needed it. I had mentioned the pain and the obvious infection from the abscess on the one wisdom tooth. After making the followup appointment with one of the office workers, they said I was good to go. I had to actually mention to them about the possibility of medicine for the infection and pain. Also I was allergic to penicillin, remember that. Well they write me out two prescriptions and I’m on my way.

So the following week I was getting work done on two of the teeth, and then they would give me a referral to a place to get the three wisdom teeth removed. I sat down and got injected with the anesthesia, Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental used half of his needle on each side. I was a little surprised by this, but what do I know. When Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental went to work on my teeth, there was some pain, but it was somewhat numb. I didn’t worry about it too much.

I also mentioned to Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental that the medicine he had given me for the infection was giving me heartburn. Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental swiftly told me “That’s the only thing for the infection which doesn’t have penicillin.” and went on to letting his aides take care of me. I was a bit perturbed, but I started talking to the office workers because I needed a referral to get my teeth removed. I told them that I lived around the corner and didn’t drive, so I needed somewhere in walking distance. They say no problem and give me the referral information.

Now when I get home I googled the name of the medicine I was taking. It turned out that it was supposed to be taken with food, something that was missing on the packaging and despite being the “only” non-penicillin antibiotic, Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental and his staff declined to mention to me. Then when I looked for directions to the dental surgery place, I discovered that it was 2 miles out of my way and not near mass transit. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was the only place that would take my insurance.

Then when I went for my first meeting with the dental surgeon, I found out since I was only having 3 teeth removed, I wouldn’t be put under. It seems that my medical coverage thought a minimum of 4 teeth being removed was needed for someone to be put under. They also wouldn’t let me leave without someone to drive me home, so I had to find someone willing to drive me 5 miles and back from the surgery. The surgeon was good, and there was very little pain, but not being put under made it a weird experience. Let’s just say I would have preferred to have been out of it.

So a week or two later I return to Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental. It’s time for him to work on the wisdom tooth. Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental proceeds to use the syringe with whatever anesthesia he has right near the tooth he is going to work on. He leaves the room for about 30 seconds and returns. Him and his nurse start shoving stuff in my mouth. Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental then mentions that this is a tough one and he might not be able to save it. I can’t say anything as he proceeds to shove his hands in my mouth.

Look, I’m a tough guy, and I can take a lot of pain. I have a very high tolerance for pain. But apparently the 30 seconds Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental gave for the anesthesia wasn’t long enough for it to do anything. I’m trying to gurgle that I’m in pain while he just continues working like nothings wrong. When my knuckles start turning white from holding onto the seat so hard and the sweat starts pouring from my brow, the aide finally thinks that something might be wrong. She points it out to him, and he finishes what he was doing.

Now Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental’s aide takes everything out of my mouth so I can actually say something. I look at him and say “I felt everything”. Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental replied to that by saying “Don’t worry, I’m done now” and walked away to do whatever Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental had to do. The aide looked at me apologetically.

When I got roughly 3 steps out of Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental’s office, I felt the whole side of my face go numb. My face proceeded to feel numb for the next 4 hours. I don’t know what Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental was in such a rush to get done, but he clearly did not give a shit about me. Sitting there while someone does serious drilling on your teeth while you feel everything is crazy. It’s not like there was anyone else in the office for him to be in such a rush.

To top it all off, the wisdom teeth that I went through so much pain for ended up breaking about two weeks later. So I had to go to another dentist, and get the dam thing pulled out, costing me even more money. I mean I’m an adult with my wisdom teeth, there’s no real reason for me to keep any of them. Also I took the time to look at my medical plan, and discovered there were 3 different oral surgeons within a half mile of my place which I wasn’t sent to because reasons.

I was rather annoyed about my every experience with Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental. I’ve had people accidentally punch me in the face at a mosh pit and apologize, and Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental couldn’t even apologize for his clear mistake. Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental didn’t even seem worried that I had been in a considerable amount of pain. Never has a doctor seemingly thought so little of me.

What really set me off to finally write this though, is that I’ve talked to some friends about Dental horror stories. At least three different people mentioned going to a dentist who apparently went to work on his patient without waiting for the anesthesia to kick in. I would ask them if the doctor was in the area, they would say yes, and then I would ask if it was Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental they would reply yes that’s him. So this isn’t just me he’s done it to. Unless you’ve got a fetish for tooth pain, stay as far away from Dr G. N. Varma of Lansdale Dental as possible. Also I visited the facebook page for him and realized that he was rated 5 stars, with most of the reviews clearly coming from friends and family.