When Idiots Tweet Current Events: Micah Curtis

By , August 18, 2014 12:01 am

Why do I even go to Micah’s twitter. It’s filled with so much face palming stupidity. But enough of me, let’s just get right into the mess, starting with his oldest tweet.


Oh God, of course it’s all about Obama keeping the white man down! What’s really going on is Obama using the IRS to persecute conservatives! I mean it’s not like the same conservative groups continually espoused anti-IRS viewpoints and looked to the destruction of the IRS. Nope, obviously just a bunch of tea making grandmas getting hassled.  

Oh I don’t know, maybe because every time someone tries to make a law to regulate tools of mass murder better, maniacs come out of the woodwork screaming “It’s the Second Amendment”. At the same time ignoring every other Amendment to the Constitution. It’s sad, but the reason there isn’t outrage is because it’s such an everyday thing. But of course we don’t need to stop letting people have guns, we just need more “good guys with guns”.

I’m sorry people are wishy washy because they are tired of it becoming a daily occurrence? I mean at the same time as everything was happening in Ferguson, an NYPD officers choked a man to death. Why? Because the guy was “resisting arrest”. Of course what he was doing was asking why he was being arrested, considering he had just broken up the fight that the cops were called about. He also sold single cigarettes for 50 cents each, which is largely how the cops knew him. Of course NYPD almost immediately put the guy on suspension.

I’ll believe this as soon as Micah admits he knows a black person whose been hassled by a cop. (BTW he either has no minority friends, or a token black guy)

Okay so that links to an article in which someone shows the different swat type teams from around the world. Someone even mentions that Finland (I think, can’t remember) just has their military respond to major shootings. What isn’t mentioned is that there isn’t a rash of mass shootings in other countires (you know the ones with better Gun Laws) like there is here. For example School Shootings:

So when there’s a school shooting in let’s say Norway, they aren’t exactly well prepared for it. In comparison school shootings/mass shootings are so common here that the cops have to be prepared to it. Also let’s not forget that when the National Guard gets involved that’s technically a military unit.

Be more like, as in actual Gun Laws you nitwit. Actual rehabilitation for criminals. Not giving insanely long sentences for petty crimes. A proper social safety net so people don’t just fall through the cracks. Any of those would be a marked improvement. But nope, gotta let the hand of the free market do it’s work.

If anyone had hired Anita Sarkeesian, I’m sure Micah would be angry about it. Because she dared to point out misogyny in video games. Let’s just see what her wikipedia entry says about it:

The project triggered a campaign of sexist harassment that Amanda Marcotte in Slate magazine described as an “absolute avalanche of misogynist abuse”, in which “[e]very access point they could exploit was used to try to get to her”.[14][2] Helen Lewis of The New York Times reported that Sarkeesian was e-mailed images of herself being raped by video game characters.[15] Attempts were made to hack her Twitter and Google accounts, doctored images of her were posted online, threats of rape were made against her on Twitter, and negative comments were posted to her YouTube and Facebook pages.[16][4][17] Her Wikipedia article was repeatedly vandalized with images of sex acts.[18] Her website was subjected to denial-of-service attacks, and there were efforts to obtain and distribute her personal contact information.

So don’t expect any love from Micah. I hate EA but I approve of them hiring her. Can’t make the games any worse.

The other reason Micah is suddenly “protesting” EA Dice? because they dared to have the racist anti-government type characters in the upcoming game Battlefields:Hardline using the Gasden (Don’t Tread On Me) Flag. I guess if they were just racist and anti-government, no one would think they were tea party types. Throw in the Gasden flag though, and it’s DEFINITELY TEA PARTY!


Holy shit I’m sure those two will get right on that!

Funny thing, when you make the enemies in your game a bunch of old, racist, white fuckheads, you aren’t upsetting many potential video game buyers. So even if every conservative alive boycotted, it probably wouldn’t move EA an inch.

I’ll admit, I wanted this video to exist. I can assure you that in 5-10 years when Sarkeesian leaves EA for something bigger and better, Micah will be celebrating. Other then pointing out the obvious sexism and misogyny in games, what is so horrible about what Sarkeesian did anyway? I think he’s jealous she got so much from the kickstarter because people were upset with the people attacking her.

Holy Shit did Micah Curtis actually learn something?!?!?!?

And that lasted all of one day…

I don’t know whats going on here. It’s either an American Flag draping the Eagle from the Albanian Coat of Arms or someone shot an eagle with an American flag bullet? I guess he made it just in case you accidentally thought Micah wasn’t a True Blue American!

This picture is so ridiculous. First off why would he have 2 guns, neither of which he could fire with just one arm. Then you notice it’s daylight, because this picture was taking following the morning of the lootings. The camera crew behind him doesn’t just scream that this was staged at all. Love the look on the black woman’s face.

Because it’s not just about one incident. It’s not about just Ferguson. It’s about things that go so far over your head that you are dumb enough to even ask this question. When you live a privileged life, you take for granted the ability to walk around and not get hassled. To get stopped by the police and have to pray to god they don’t shoot you for no good reason. Nope continue fighting the good fight to get more people guns and destroy the evil IRS! cause that’ll save America.

You know what would help win people over to the Cops? Not shooting unarmed black youths who don’t have a record. Or actually prosecuting the cop who is responsible for the shooting.

That time when people were calm and allowed a month long trial to go on that ended up being a complete farce. The jury which consisted of 10 white people 1 Latino and 1 Asian, somehow watched that video tape and still didn’t find the white cops guilty of anything.

So I had to dig it up, and of course in the long run those protests did nothing. Despite African-Americans enrolled in Illonis has dropped but the expulsion rate for them has gone up over 50%.

I should really stop doing these, but I want someone to one day Google Micah Curtis (Who used to write for Blistered Thumbs and is considered the Cynic’s Corner) and find this stupidity. I can’t believe it exists. It wouldn’t bother me so much if MicahC wasn’t so young AND has access to the internet yet somehow believes his own bullshit.

The Unbelievable Stupidity of TNA Impact Wrestling

By , July 29, 2014 11:56 am

TNA Wrestling is on Spike TV and is considered the #2 company in the US. They’ve been struggling for the last year financially. They are owned by Panda Energy, although Dixie Carter the daughter of the owners of Panda Energy pretty much runs it.

Now Dixie is interesting herself, as she seems to be a spoiled clueless rich kid. Her parents probably got her a job at a horribly rated PR firm in Nashville.

Well when TNA needed a PR firm they picked this one, most likely because TNA was based in Nashville too. Dixie was dealing with TNA and when TNA was about to go under about 10 years ago she convinced her parents to buy it.

So for the last year and maybe a bit more the company has been barely surviving while getting paid far too much from Spike TV. But it was getting ratings above the Spike TV average so no one thought it was going to be cancelled.

Now we get to another interesting wrestling character, Vince Russo. Russo was one of the main writers at the WWF when it took off back in the late 90s. He was then hired and given way too much power by WCW. WCW’s death is largely blamed on Russo’s nonsensical writing/booking/ideas.Russo was hired at TNA in the early days, left in 04 and was brought back by Dixie in 06.When Hogan and Bischoff were brought in back in 09, Russo was pushed to the background and eventually pushed out by those two in ’12.

Now Spike has a poor image as a channel due to it’s shows, so it’s advertising rates are depressed. Wrestling doesn’t help that at all, so Spike handed down 2 rules to TNA:
#1 No Man on Woman Violence
#2 No Vince Russo
You see, Vince has such a history for being a racist and misogynist that even Spike TV didn’t want him around. Also most of the wrestlers who worked for TNA didn’t want him. Oh and also TNA’s Japanese partner said that it wouldn’t work with TNA if they had him on staff.
Remember, TNA is only alive because of the Spike TV contract.
So TNA tapes a bunch of shows in NYC. They have a bunch of top Spike executives in to watch one of the shows. The show the executives show up to also has one of the highlights being Dixie Carter being powerbombed through a table by Bully Ray.
TNA thought that this was an excellent idea and that the Spike executives had seen a great show they would be impressed.
Now remember Vince Russo? Dixie decided to secretly hire Vince as a “creative consultant”. To keep it a secret, Vince worked from home and would email his ideas and edits in to people behind the scenes at TNA. It was a badly kept secret, and most places had been reporting he was back for 6 months.
The same weekend as the NYC shows, Russo sends out an email. Instead of sending it to Mike Tenay (a guy working for TNA) he sends it to Mike Johnston (a writer for a wrestling site). Johnston says he got the email, Russo claims it’s a swerve but then admits as much when Johnston threatens to publish the email.
Well word got back to Spike about Russo being with TNA, and Spike now isn’t renewing TNA’s TV Deal. The one thing that was keeping the company alive. I should also mention that Dixie has a history of defending Russo (when Russo was writing there were lots of Fire Russo chants) to no end. Dixie would continually claim that people were chanting fire Russo about stuff he didn’t write. The person who was blamed for writing those by Dixie came forward and said they were all Russo’s ideas.
So she sunk TNA by bringing back in Russo. Russo is directly responsible for killing a major wrestling promotion again. The greatest irony in all this? If TNA does die in October, it would have lasted the exact same amount of time that WCW did.

Finally, the Carters were trying to sell off TNA earlier this year and at the end of last year. The people were all set to buy it, but Bob Carter (Dixie’s dad) put in one condition, that his daughter keep her position. The buyers said no, and the Carters kept TNA.

Confessions of a Former 18 Year Old Nice Guy

By , June 5, 2014 10:50 pm

This should come as no surprise that I was one of those guys. Those guys that wonder why all the girls are dating “assholes” while passing you up. I should qualify that none of this is surprising considering 3/4 of my high school education was at an All Boys Catholic School. Also just like today, my social life really isn’t what I’d call alive. When your at an all boys school you hear all sorts of crazy shit about how guys you know are mistreating the girls they are with.

The fact of the matter was that I was the asshole. I was just as bad as any of them. To me it was all about sex. I was a nice guy cause I wanted to get laid. Probably because I thought that would make me happy. I thought that was the one thing missing from my life that was keeping me miserable.

Ironically the first girl I dated and had sex with, I didn’t even want to have sex with because I knew she was insane. I knew I should have ran for the hills. But I was so desperate for a relationship, for happiness, for sex, that I did it. There’s not much in my life that I regret more, because she was a controlling lunatic.

I wasted three years of my life with her and her insane family. Three years that I could have done anything else and it would have been far more constructive. My three years with her were about as close to hell on earth as exists. I’ve largely blocked out all my memories from that. Thankfully.

If it wasn’t for Lisa, I’d still be stuck there. The funny thing was that Lisa and me weren’t interested in one another. She was interested in my best friend at that work, and I was interested in her co-worker. At the time I never took lunch, and I heard that she was going to lunch and I ran to the break area to “accidentally” meet up with her.

We hit it off and that was three years of paradise for me. Lisa cared about me more then just about anyone has before or since then. Sure the sex was good, but it was the relationship we had that really mattered and made me happy. Just knowing that someone cared meant so much to me. She actually wanted to be around me on a regular basis. If I wasn’t a 25 year old idiot at the time I probably would have married her.

Of course I screwed it up because I’m a headcase and asshole that thinks the grass is always greener on the other side (it’s not). I don’t think there’s a single action in my life I regret more. It seems like every day of my life it haunts me. On top of it all she randomly decided to stop talking to me. So I kick myself for that everyday too. Such is life.

The point I’m getting to though is this, there’s no reason to run around proclaiming yourself to be a “nice guy”. Treat women like they are fellow human beings, not like something to conquest or hunt. If you hit it off, then you hit it off. If it’s not going to be romantic, then at least you met a new friend and who couldn’t use another friend?

Do you really want to be that old desperate guy in a bar spitting out pickup lines and seeing what sticks. Sex by itself isn’t going to make you happy. Or if it does, it’s only ever going to be for a short time. Really no one wants that to be their life unless they are a completely pathetic human being.

You shouldn’t be sad or depressed if you can’t find the right girl. At the same time you can’t be sitting there putting every single female who happens to be a nice enough human being to talk to you on a platform. Enjoy friendships, enjoy knowing people and people wanting to know you. Don’t start spitting out pickup lines and just act like a normal human being. I really can’t stress this enough.

It’s an idea that works in almost all situations. As long as you treat people you meet with respect and dignity that a normal human being deserves, in the long run nothing can go wrong.

I think this post meandered a bit.

PS: This is relevant.

The Many Adventures of Micah’s Twitter

By , June 5, 2014 12:43 am

So I’ve mentioned Micah Curtis (AKA The Cynic’s Corner) in the past here and here. I was looking for something and stumbled upon his twitter. What really caught my attention though was this gem:

Yes, sensibility is wonderful. I don’t watch Fox News at all because it would make me want to throw a TV out a window. I always recommend being sensible. If your sports team upsets you to the point that you have to constantly scream about it on twitter and forums, just stop watching till it changes. It’s a rather simple idea. So let’s see how good Micah is at following his own advice.  

Yes, literally the same day that he made that tweet. It’s about ten tweets away. I don’t even have the patience at this time to look and see what he said is right. Bill Maher angers you? Don’t watch it and don’t care about what he says. It’s not really that hard, you know?

Well it’s all of 2 days later… time to yell at the host of an MSNBC show. You know how many Fox News hosts I’ve yelled at on twitter? None. Why? cause it’s not worth my time. They don’t care what I say because they are busy selling out their audience. But I’m sure Ed Schultz was moved by this tweet. As you might be curious why Micah believed Ed Schultz hates Jews, it was because Schultz made the mistake of mentioning that gays were persecuted during the holocaust. I should also mention here that Micah is definitely a racist, so I find it funny he actually cares that someone hates the gays. Why do I say Micah is racist (other then my previous post?)other then him being a “Tea Party Patriot” let’s read the tweets:  

Sure he’s a great scientist, but he’s black and he’s against Intelligent Design. That’s like saying Micheal Jordan is a great basketball player, but I don’t really like anything he does on the court. Why would you not listen to this guy when it comes to science? Maybe you’d actually learn something.

Look I’ll admit it sounds a bit crazy that someone might consider wearing an American Flag t-shirt on Cinco De Mayo racist. But if you purposely wear an American flag shirt because it’s Cinco De Mayo and you want to start shit, then you might be a tad in the wrong and racist. Unsurprisingly when you find the original story online (before the tea partiers started screaming) you find out that it was a bunch of dickheads. Also “… of a country their parents fled?” line is incredible. No, they didn’t “flee” Mexico. They came to America searching for a better life, like your ancestors and my great grandparents did. Amazingly when they showed up all the Europeans suddenly decided it was time to close the border. Growing up in NYC there were plenty of Irish and Italian pride days. But that’s fine cause it’s white people.

Alright this needs a little bit of explaining, as the full story is here. You see someone thought it was a good idea to come out and defend Donald Sterling’s right to free speech. Yes, Donald Sterling can say whatever he wants about black people, and he will face the backlash. But you can’t then claim that Donald Sterling is the “victim” to the backlash. In the same way, you have the right to go on twitter and say something dumb, but you can expect backlash.

I still can’t believe that anyone is shocked when you say something racist and then there’s backlash. Yes there is free speech, and your free to be as racist as you want. But there are cultural consequences to everything. If you don’t like the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

Ironically enough Micah knows this, because his Tumblr has the following disclaimer:

Note: This blog is not affiliated with anyone that Micah C writes for.

This final one isn’t racist, but more along the lines of sexist.

Now you might say “But Mark, that doesn’t sound sexist at all” but let me explain. Micah never cares about woman’s rights. I’m sure I could ask him right now to name any historic women’s rights figures other then Susan B Anthony and he wouldn’t have an answer. Instead this is just a chance to bash the UN because he’s a good Tea Party dog.

I was also curious and looked up a few “Worst Nations to be a Woman” found them here and here. Not on either list? Iran. Sure Iran is bad, but it takes about half a second to find a bakers dozen of countries that are by far worst. Of course Micah knows nothing about women’s rights and could care less, except when it serves a purpose for him.

I really need to stop beating this dead horse.

Islander Fans Deserve Better

By , May 23, 2014 3:08 pm

The other night I got into a twitter argument with Daniel Friedman and BD Gallof. I’ve talked about Gallof before,but Friedman seems to be following in his footsteps. First taking over for Gallof at WFAN and in general style. Friedman claimed that according to his sources the Islanders were too cheap to buy out DiPietro. This following a morning article by brilliant NY Post author Larry Brooks which basically said the same.

An hour after Friedman’s tweet, the Isles had bought out DP. In taking a beating on twitter, Friedman went sofar as to claim that the Isles had only decided to buy out DP in the last hour. Yes, a move that would cost the team a million dollars until 2029 was only decided upon in an hour. As Dave Schultz said, if that’s true the team’s front office is even worse then anyone can imagine.

This is what I have been arguing about ever since I started following the Islanders again. The local press does almost nothing to cover the team. Newsday has the only beat writer, Brooks just bashes the team occasionally, and I think the News runs with AP coverage of the team.

Meanwhile, online, Isles fans are seemingly bombarded by “professional” “journalists” who are more about getting their name out there. They proceed to create sources for their opinions so they can be taken credibly within the hockey community online.  But you may ask, what about when reality doesn’t line up with what they expected?

It’s a two part answer. First throw so much shit at the wall that you’ll always be right somewhere along the line. Secondly expect that everyone has a short attention span and won’t remember what you might have predicted a month ago. Or an hour ago.

They’ve also taken the success of Chris Botta of IPB to heart. But Botta at least really had sources within the organization,  considering how long he had been a part of it for. Also Botta’s ranting and raving about the team was based more in personal matters. These guys just see the love and popularity that IPB got and are trying to ape that same style.

There seems to be a permanent chunk of the Islanders fanbase that will continually eat up negative coverage. For the rest of us though we would like to be fans of a team without CONSTANTLY being reminded of how horrible everything is. Or having to defend every tiny move that Snow makes without hearing “WANGSNOW LOL”. We get enough of that from the constant hack jobs done by the National Hockey media. I mean just look at this Puck Daddy post from the Halak signing. I have no words, how can you possibly argue the Halak signing was bad?

Islander fans deserve better coverage. Or at the very least even handed coverage of the team instead of every single thing being absolutely shit on. Guys like Gallof and Friedman would be laughed out of the building if they were in Toronto or any number of teams with major coverage. Even if they were covering the Rangers they wouldn’t be taken this seriously. But it’s the Islanders who don’t drive readers/viewers so editors don’t care.

So I am using this puny platform I have to call on Islander fans to fight back. Stop following Gallof and Friedman on twitter. Don’t read their stories. Don’t retweet what they say (unless it’s incredibly stupid), just do your best to pretend they don’t exist. No one else is going to fight back against their stupidity, so we have to do it ourselves. It’s the time as Islander fans to say enough is enough and just boycott these two douchebags.

PS: I should mention that I had this article written in drafts for a while, so some of it’s outdated. But I was inspired to return to it because of Friedman’s article bashing Garik16′s article about Reinhart on LHH. There’s a lot of people who are high on Reinhart considering his play as of late. But while Garik largely says he’s going to be a good shutdown defenseman, there are comparables that are worrying (read the article!)

Friedman who recently complained that he didn’t understand advanced stats, took this to mean that the advanced stats people are already labeling him a bust. I’m not even sure how he jumped to this conclusion, and really I can’t get more then a paragraph or two into his story. I’m not going to link his story because I want people to stop going to his pointless articles. That’s the whole point of what I’ve written here, obviously.