Confessions of a Former 18 Year Old Nice Guy

By , June 5, 2014 10:50 pm

This should come as no surprise that I was one of those guys. Those guys that wonder why all the girls are dating “assholes” while passing you up. I should qualify that none of this is surprising considering 3/4 of my high school education was at an All Boys Catholic School. Also just like today, my social life really isn’t what I’d call alive. When your at an all boys school you hear all sorts of crazy shit about how guys you know are mistreating the girls they are with.

The fact of the matter was that I was the asshole. I was just as bad as any of them. To me it was all about sex. I was a nice guy cause I wanted to get laid. Probably because I thought that would make me happy. I thought that was the one thing missing from my life that was keeping me miserable.

Ironically the first girl I dated and had sex with, I didn’t even want to have sex with because I knew she was insane. I knew I should have ran for the hills. But I was so desperate for a relationship, for happiness, for sex, that I did it. There’s not much in my life that I regret more, because she was a controlling lunatic.

I wasted three years of my life with her and her insane family. Three years that I could have done anything else and it would have been far more constructive. My three years with her were about as close to hell on earth as exists. I’ve largely blocked out all my memories from that. Thankfully.

If it wasn’t for Lisa, I’d still be stuck there. The funny thing was that Lisa and me weren’t interested in one another. She was interested in my best friend at that work, and I was interested in her co-worker. At the time I never took lunch, and I heard that she was going to lunch and I ran to the break area to “accidentally” meet up with her.

We hit it off and that was three years of paradise for me. Lisa cared about me more then just about anyone has before or since then. Sure the sex was good, but it was the relationship we had that really mattered and made me happy. Just knowing that someone cared meant so much to me. She actually wanted to be around me on a regular basis. If I wasn’t a 25 year old idiot at the time I probably would have married her.

Of course I screwed it up because I’m a headcase and asshole that thinks the grass is always greener on the other side (it’s not). I don’t think there’s a single action in my life I regret more. It seems like every day of my life it haunts me. On top of it all she randomly decided to stop talking to me. So I kick myself for that everyday too. Such is life.

The point I’m getting to though is this, there’s no reason to run around proclaiming yourself to be a “nice guy”. Treat women like they are fellow human beings, not like something to conquest or hunt. If you hit it off, then you hit it off. If it’s not going to be romantic, then at least you met a new friend and who couldn’t use another friend?

Do you really want to be that old desperate guy in a bar spitting out pickup lines and seeing what sticks. Sex by itself isn’t going to make you happy. Or if it does, it’s only ever going to be for a short time. Really no one wants that to be their life unless they are a completely pathetic human being.

You shouldn’t be sad or depressed if you can’t find the right girl. At the same time you can’t be sitting there putting every single female who happens to be a nice enough human being to talk to you on a platform. Enjoy friendships, enjoy knowing people and people wanting to know you. Don’t start spitting out pickup lines and just act like a normal human being. I really can’t stress this enough.

It’s an idea that works in almost all situations. As long as you treat people you meet with respect and dignity that a normal human being deserves, in the long run nothing can go wrong.

I think this post meandered a bit.

PS: This is relevant.

The Many Adventures of Micah’s Twitter

By , June 5, 2014 12:43 am

So I’ve mentioned Micah Curtis (AKA The Cynic’s Corner) in the past here and here. I was looking for something and stumbled upon his twitter. What really caught my attention though was this gem:

Yes, sensibility is wonderful. I don’t watch Fox News at all because it would make me want to throw a TV out a window. I always recommend being sensible. If your sports team upsets you to the point that you have to constantly scream about it on twitter and forums, just stop watching till it changes. It’s a rather simple idea. So let’s see how good Micah is at following his own advice.  

Yes, literally the same day that he made that tweet. It’s about ten tweets away. I don’t even have the patience at this time to look and see what he said is right. Bill Maher angers you? Don’t watch it and don’t care about what he says. It’s not really that hard, you know?

Well it’s all of 2 days later… time to yell at the host of an MSNBC show. You know how many Fox News hosts I’ve yelled at on twitter? None. Why? cause it’s not worth my time. They don’t care what I say because they are busy selling out their audience. But I’m sure Ed Schultz was moved by this tweet. As you might be curious why Micah believed Ed Schultz hates Jews, it was because Schultz made the mistake of mentioning that gays were persecuted during the holocaust. I should also mention here that Micah is definitely a racist, so I find it funny he actually cares that someone hates the gays. Why do I say Micah is racist (other then my previous post?)other then him being a “Tea Party Patriot” let’s read the tweets:  

Sure he’s a great scientist, but he’s black and he’s against Intelligent Design. That’s like saying Micheal Jordan is a great basketball player, but I don’t really like anything he does on the court. Why would you not listen to this guy when it comes to science? Maybe you’d actually learn something.

Look I’ll admit it sounds a bit crazy that someone might consider wearing an American Flag t-shirt on Cinco De Mayo racist. But if you purposely wear an American flag shirt because it’s Cinco De Mayo and you want to start shit, then you might be a tad in the wrong and racist. Unsurprisingly when you find the original story online (before the tea partiers started screaming) you find out that it was a bunch of dickheads. Also “… of a country their parents fled?” line is incredible. No, they didn’t “flee” Mexico. They came to America searching for a better life, like your ancestors and my great grandparents did. Amazingly when they showed up all the Europeans suddenly decided it was time to close the border. Growing up in NYC there were plenty of Irish and Italian pride days. But that’s fine cause it’s white people.

Alright this needs a little bit of explaining, as the full story is here. You see someone thought it was a good idea to come out and defend Donald Sterling’s right to free speech. Yes, Donald Sterling can say whatever he wants about black people, and he will face the backlash. But you can’t then claim that Donald Sterling is the “victim” to the backlash. In the same way, you have the right to go on twitter and say something dumb, but you can expect backlash.

I still can’t believe that anyone is shocked when you say something racist and then there’s backlash. Yes there is free speech, and your free to be as racist as you want. But there are cultural consequences to everything. If you don’t like the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

Ironically enough Micah knows this, because his Tumblr has the following disclaimer:

Note: This blog is not affiliated with anyone that Micah C writes for.

This final one isn’t racist, but more along the lines of sexist.

Now you might say “But Mark, that doesn’t sound sexist at all” but let me explain. Micah never cares about woman’s rights. I’m sure I could ask him right now to name any historic women’s rights figures other then Susan B Anthony and he wouldn’t have an answer. Instead this is just a chance to bash the UN because he’s a good Tea Party dog.

I was also curious and looked up a few “Worst Nations to be a Woman” found them here and here. Not on either list? Iran. Sure Iran is bad, but it takes about half a second to find a bakers dozen of countries that are by far worst. Of course Micah knows nothing about women’s rights and could care less, except when it serves a purpose for him.

I really need to stop beating this dead horse.

Islander Fans Deserve Better

By , May 23, 2014 3:08 pm

The other night I got into a twitter argument with Daniel Friedman and BD Gallof. I’ve talked about Gallof before,but Friedman seems to be following in his footsteps. First taking over for Gallof at WFAN and in general style. Friedman claimed that according to his sources the Islanders were too cheap to buy out DiPietro. This following a morning article by brilliant NY Post author Larry Brooks which basically said the same.

An hour after Friedman’s tweet, the Isles had bought out DP. In taking a beating on twitter, Friedman went sofar as to claim that the Isles had only decided to buy out DP in the last hour. Yes, a move that would cost the team a million dollars until 2029 was only decided upon in an hour. As Dave Schultz said, if that’s true the team’s front office is even worse then anyone can imagine.

This is what I have been arguing about ever since I started following the Islanders again. The local press does almost nothing to cover the team. Newsday has the only beat writer, Brooks just bashes the team occasionally, and I think the News runs with AP coverage of the team.

Meanwhile, online, Isles fans are seemingly bombarded by “professional” “journalists” who are more about getting their name out there. They proceed to create sources for their opinions so they can be taken credibly within the hockey community online.  But you may ask, what about when reality doesn’t line up with what they expected?

It’s a two part answer. First throw so much shit at the wall that you’ll always be right somewhere along the line. Secondly expect that everyone has a short attention span and won’t remember what you might have predicted a month ago. Or an hour ago.

They’ve also taken the success of Chris Botta of IPB to heart. But Botta at least really had sources within the organization,  considering how long he had been a part of it for. Also Botta’s ranting and raving about the team was based more in personal matters. These guys just see the love and popularity that IPB got and are trying to ape that same style.

There seems to be a permanent chunk of the Islanders fanbase that will continually eat up negative coverage. For the rest of us though we would like to be fans of a team without CONSTANTLY being reminded of how horrible everything is. Or having to defend every tiny move that Snow makes without hearing “WANGSNOW LOL”. We get enough of that from the constant hack jobs done by the National Hockey media. I mean just look at this Puck Daddy post from the Halak signing. I have no words, how can you possibly argue the Halak signing was bad?

Islander fans deserve better coverage. Or at the very least even handed coverage of the team instead of every single thing being absolutely shit on. Guys like Gallof and Friedman would be laughed out of the building if they were in Toronto or any number of teams with major coverage. Even if they were covering the Rangers they wouldn’t be taken this seriously. But it’s the Islanders who don’t drive readers/viewers so editors don’t care.

So I am using this puny platform I have to call on Islander fans to fight back. Stop following Gallof and Friedman on twitter. Don’t read their stories. Don’t retweet what they say (unless it’s incredibly stupid), just do your best to pretend they don’t exist. No one else is going to fight back against their stupidity, so we have to do it ourselves. It’s the time as Islander fans to say enough is enough and just boycott these two douchebags.

PS: I should mention that I had this article written in drafts for a while, so some of it’s outdated. But I was inspired to return to it because of Friedman’s article bashing Garik16′s article about Reinhart on LHH. There’s a lot of people who are high on Reinhart considering his play as of late. But while Garik largely says he’s going to be a good shutdown defenseman, there are comparables that are worrying (read the article!)

Friedman who recently complained that he didn’t understand advanced stats, took this to mean that the advanced stats people are already labeling him a bust. I’m not even sure how he jumped to this conclusion, and really I can’t get more then a paragraph or two into his story. I’m not going to link his story because I want people to stop going to his pointless articles. That’s the whole point of what I’ve written here, obviously.

Cal Thomas is clueless about Michael Sam

By , May 23, 2014 2:33 pm

So people tend to leave newspapers around at my work. Unfortunately most of the newspapers in the area tend to lean hard to the right. I’ve had days in which every article on the editorial page was bashing Obama. Why it’s impossible for these newspapers to push two viewpoints is beyond me. But one of the worst columnists I read has to be Cal Thomas. The guy is stuck in the stone age and anyone with half a brain should realize that he was just as wrong 20 years ago as today.

So when Cal Thomas starts arguing about how there’s a double standard in the NFL, he got my interest. The double standard he sees? The way Michael Sam is treated in comparison to Tim Tebow of all people. There are no words at this point, so let’s just get to ripping the article.

Once, Social Security was the “third rail” of politics. Touch it and face political death. Now it is homosexuality. Criticize anything gay people do and you risk ostracism, fines, suspension or loss of your livelihood.

Sadly, No. You can criticize gay people all you want. What you can’t criticize is their life choices. For example if a gay person votes for a Republican I’m going to have some interesting questions for them and probably criticize their choice. But I won’t criticize a gay person for kissing their significant other or because they ARE gay.

Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted by a National Football League team — the St. Louis Rams picked him 249th in the last round — is being treated by the media and those in the gay rights movement as the equivalent of an early American pioneer.

I love how Thomas points out that Sam was drafted in the Last Round. There’s no reason to add that, other then a knock on the kids ability. Sam is the first winner of the SEC Defensive Player of the year award to be drafted after the 5th round. There’s really no reason for his drop in the draft, other then his sexuality. He probably would have at worst gone in the 3rd or 4th round if he was straight.

And yes, he is an equivalent of an early pioneer. Sam is going somewhere that no one before him has and is going to face a lot of challenges. There have been plenty of gay players before in the NFL, but they have been in the closet for obvious reasons. I mean I shouldn’t even have to explain here what it means to be out gay male and in the NFL.

Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones, apparently, didn’t get the memo. Jones tweeted “OMG” and “horrible” after he saw Sam and his boyfriend kiss each other live on ESPN. His tweet was quickly taken down, but the political correctness police swooped in anyway. Jones has been fined and suspended. He’s also being forced to attend “educational training” to get his “mind right,” to borrow a phrase from the film “Cool Hand Luke.” This sounds like the old communist “re-education” camps.

Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin called Jones’ comment “inappropriate and unacceptable.” Jones issued a statement that read like it had been written by a lawyer, apologizing for his “inappropriate” tweet and taking “full responsibility” for his comment.

The “Political Correctness Police” not you know, human decency for a change. Here’s why Jones tweet was offensive, because if it was a straight guy kissing his significant other, Jones would have never tweeted. Also it should be pointed out that Jones was fined and suspended by his own team, not by the NFL.

To top it all off, for a league and team that is trying to get as far away from the Richie Incognitio bullying incident, Jones should have known better. For most people if we made a comment like that at our job about a co-worker we’d be fired or reprimanded too. Jones will still have his ridiculous salary when all his said and done.

Also liking the slight shot at Jones by Thomas. Saying that Jones statement read like it had been written by a lawyer, because how dare a college graduate be able to sound like a lawyer, I guess?

How quickly things have changed from the recent experiences of Tim Tebow. When the quarterback heroically led the Denver Broncos to a playoff victory in 2012 and dropped to one knee, as he often did to express gratitude to God (a move that quickly became known as “Tebowing,” which spawned countless YouTube parodies), he was widely ridiculed by many of the same entities that now defend Michael Sam, including some NFL players and even “Saturday Night Live,” which in a skit had “Jesus” offering Tebow advice while sitting next to him on a locker room bench.

I like how Tebow “Heroically” led the Broncos to a Playoff victory. Of course it ignores the fact that when the Broncos got a better QB they became one of the elite teams in the league. Tebow had almost nothing to do with the Broncos winning, people forget that the kicker made a lot of clutch long distance kicks, because Tebow couldn’t move the team downfield on a regular basis.

Tebowing wasn’t widely parodied because it was Tebows way to express gratitude to god. It was parodied because it was easily parodied and when he did it he stuck out like a sore thumb. Should I point out that there are plenty of highly religious players in the NFL who constantly thank god in interviews. But they also have a tendency to not shove it down out throat constantly like Tebow did. They also didn’t appear in an anti-abortion ad with their mom.

When the Broncos released Tebow, he was mocked again, not only for his faith, but for claiming to be a virgin who wanted to save himself for marriage. In an increasingly secular and licentious culture this sort of thinking and expression, apparently, must be silenced.

If you save yourself for marriage your an idiot. You learn more about yourself and the other person by having sex. There is so much you don’t know about yourself even if you’ve never had sex. Plus if you don’t fit well with the other person, then what? I’m not saying you have to go out and be a whore, but at least LOOK at the house before buying it.

During Tebow’s brief professional career, TV ratings spiked, jerseys and other gear with Tebow’s name on it sold well and, according to Ad Age, “In terms of influence, Mr. Tebow is now in the top 40 of 3,000 celebs … on par with Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston and Steven Spielberg.”

TV Ratings didn’t spike, he was involved in a lot of close games that got switched from local games to nationally watched games because they were close. Should I also mention that Michael Sam’s Jersey was one of the best sellers immediately after he was drafted? Here’s the old carriage before the horse, the reason why Tebow had that much influence was because Tebowing went Viral including the SNL Parody. If SNL doesn’t parody him, less people know about him. Can’t have it both ways.

Yet, Tebow endured a sometimes silent and often shouted campaign to brand him in a negative way. He was called “polarizing.” It was said he had “baggage,” though his “bags” were considerably lighter than many other professional athletes who have had drug and alcohol problems, incidents with guns at strip clubs and numerous out-of-wedlock children.

The baggage was all the attention he tended to attract, from media to fans. When you go around shoving your religion down other peoples throats it tends to get a portion of people riled up either for or against you. Sometimes when your a 3rd string QB that isn’t a positive. People shouldn’t know a 3rd string QB that much. I should also point out that plenty of players who have had drug and alcohol problems are out of the league well before they should. Oh and those guys with incidents with guns at strip clubs (Plaxico Burress) spent a year out of the league because of it.

The Nation’s Dave Zirin revealed the secular left’s real problem with Tebow when he wrote, “(Tebow) is a religious figure in a country that is uncomfortable talking (about) religion.” Really? I would venture to guess there are likely more people attending church on Sunday mornings than attend NFL football games on Sunday afternoon. Such is the bias of those who hold disdain for people of strong faith because it apparently exposes flaws in themselves they prefer not to see.

Well at least Cal Thomas was smart enough to not count the TV ratings when it comes to people watching NFL Football games on a Sunday. Because I’m pretty sure more people watch Football over the course of a Sunday then go to church on Sunday.

Once again we’re back to the fact that Tebow had a tendency to continually shove his religion down other peoples throats. Believe it or not it gets annoying, and I would love it if tomorrow all those people just disappear due to the rapture.

After the Broncos cut Tebow, haters took to the comment page of The Huffington Post:

“Awwwww. I bet this makes the Baby Jesus weep. Tim should have prayed more.”

“Hey Tim, are you getting the message now? Nothing fails like prayer.”

“We’re all going to hell and we’re excited about it. Don’t be jealous.”

“Where is your God now, Tebow?”

This actually makes the Huff Post commentators look like civilized human beings. I mean really it didn’t take much work to find what some people thought of Michael Sam, and it wasn’t pretty. Go take a look at some of the comments that are on the yahoo articles about Sam, and if this is the worst thing you can complain about with Tebow? Doesn’t compare.

NFL players who joined in the mockery were not fined, disciplined or forced into education training camp. Such is the cultural double standard between the way Michael Sam is being treated and the experience of Tim Tebow. But what should one expect these days when anything goes, except for free speech critical to the LGBT crowd?

So a quick look of google trying to find tweets by NFL’ers that mocked Tebow and I couldn’t find anything. Mostly because anything trying to find them now get a ton of returns by angry conservatives racking the same bullshit that Thomas is here. Some articles did mention that Tebow did get mocked on the field by other players, but that’s part of the game.

The fact of the matter is Tebow has lived a privileged life. He was the HS QB who went on to be a winner for an in state college. Then to top it all off he was drafted in the first round (unlike Sam’s drop because of his announcement) for an NFL team. Just being drafted in the first round is worth millions. Sam’s career could end tomorrow if he gets cut. Tebow kept getting chance after chance. When the NFL stopped giving Tebow chances? He got a cush job at a College Sports Network for which he has no experience. Really not feeling bad for Tebow here…

Montellaro: A Simplistic Guide to Fixing The Islanders

By , March 22, 2014 7:02 pm

The NHL season is winding down, and for the Islanders it has been a disaster.

You see, when the opposing team scores more goals (putting the puck into the net) than you do, you lose. When this happens on a nightly basis it’s a bad thing. I know, I’m shocked at what I’m learning everyday. But not all is lost, and since Islanders GM Garth Snow needs help, here’s my way to fix the team. This is free of charge Garth, but if you use any of my ideas I expect to be paid.

Chapter 1: Acquire a Goalie

So it seems in the game of hockey, a goalie is rather important. He protects the net and keeps opposing shots out. Unfortunately it seems that the Islanders went most of this season without playing one. This was a poor move by the organization which is seen as a laughing stock by non-fans. After hours of research I have found a few of these “goalies” for Snow to sign.

“The Guy I wanted us to get from the beginning”

You know when I kept saying over and over that Kevin Poulin was going to be the future. What I really meant was this guy, who suddenly everyone wants the team to go after and I’m not jumping on the bandwagon at all. Sure he hasn’t done anything that great, but if every other Islander fan wants him, when in Rome.

“The Guy who won a Stanley Cup

This might be news to you, but winning the Stanley Cup is a big deal. This guy won the Stanley Cup, but it seems like everyone’s forgotten about him. Despite the fact that whenever he’s hurt the team collapses. I wouldn’t mind this guy, but it might be a bit risky.

“The Overrated Guy”

This guy is doing good, but he’s not facing a lot of shots. If he comes here, he’ll face more shots and fall apart. Mostly because the Islanders don’t have an elite defense. Also forget I mention the Islanders not having an elite defense the second after you read it.

“Crazy Enigma Guy”

He’s Russian and he wants to be an astronaut. What more could you want out of an Islanders goalie?

Act 2: Sign a Winger

All Kirill Kabanov jokes aside, the Islanders need to replace both Matt Moulson and Tomas Vanek. I mean you can’t just have the Islanders running amok and letting youngsters take that spot. The Isles need to go out and drop a lot of money on someone who might have one or two good seasons. Keeping youth stalled on the 3rd and 4th lines while bringing in mediocre older guys for the long term is the best way to build depth.

Okay Garth, I’ll admit it. I can’t think of anyone good worth signing. But that doesn’t mean you should just skip this part of fixing the Isles. Free Jason Clark!

Part 3: Bring in a Veteran Defenseman

And by Veteran I mean someone at or over 35. Just because you spent 13 picks in the last 3 drafts on Defenseman is no reason to suddenly get cold feet when it comes to old timers. Where would the Islanders be today without the influence of a Brendan Witt or Andy Sutton a few years ago?

Old Guy #1

Remember when +/- was a relevant stat? Well this guy is great at it! What, Me Worry?

Old Guy #2

Remember when I was talking about +/-, ignore it for this guy cause he’s “Versatile”

Old Guy #3

This guy is an impending UFA who just had one of his better years in a while. Definitely not a sign of someone who needs to cash in one last time. Plus he’s really old! I mean leadership experienced.

Episode 4: A New Coach Hope

Some people will tell you the problem is the coach. Some people will tell you the problem isn’t the coach. Some people spell it potato, some people spell it potatoe. Opinions are amazing things which I am just learning about.

But my opinion is what really matters, and it’s time for Coach Capuano to go. He has made mind boggling lineup and in game decisions. I’m also just going to throw that out there without pointing out any particular examples.

Anyway it’s not “relevant” if Coach Capuano “deserves” to be fired or not. The Penguins fired Michel Therrien and won the Stanley Cup the same year. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just fire their coach 3/4 of the way through a season and win the Cup. Just because statistically most coaching changes come when a team is struggling and they are bound to eventually improve with or without a coach is no reason to not change coaches.

This is the quickest and easiest way to get the Islanders back on track. So I don’t know why I made it my final entry. Some things are beyond my control.

“The guy everyone thinks they will bring in”

Since this is who everyone else thinks will take over the reins, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. We’re going to ignore the continual struggles of the ONE UNIT he has to coach already, and just figure that he has the job. I mean it doesn’t matter who takes over, as long as it’s someone new. Right?

“The guy everyone loves that shouldn’t have been fired”

I’m a huge Ted Nolan fan, and since he’s due to be fired by the Sabres after their horrible season, he should be easy to bring back. Of course everyone dreams of the success of the past, and maybe it’s just hindsight making things look better then they were.

With just these few simple moves, Garth Snow could make the Islanders a playoff caliber team. Get to work Garth, you have your guideline.

(For those wondering what I am rambling about, check this article out)