Montellaro: A Simplistic Guide to Fixing The Islanders

By , March 22, 2014 7:02 pm

The NHL season is winding down, and for the Islanders it has been a disaster.

You see, when the opposing team scores more goals (putting the puck into the net) than you do, you lose. When this happens on a nightly basis it’s a bad thing. I know, I’m shocked at what I’m learning everyday. But not all is lost, and since Islanders GM Garth Snow needs help, here’s my way to fix the team. This is free of charge Garth, but if you use any of my ideas I expect to be paid.

Chapter 1: Acquire a Goalie

So it seems in the game of hockey, a goalie is rather important. He protects the net and keeps opposing shots out. Unfortunately it seems that the Islanders went most of this season without playing one. This was a poor move by the organization which is seen as a laughing stock by non-fans. After hours of research I have found a few of these “goalies” for Snow to sign.

“The Guy I wanted us to get from the beginning”

You know when I kept saying over and over that Kevin Poulin was going to be the future. What I really meant was this guy, who suddenly everyone wants the team to go after and I’m not jumping on the bandwagon at all. Sure he hasn’t done anything that great, but if every other Islander fan wants him, when in Rome.

“The Guy who won a Stanley Cup

This might be news to you, but winning the Stanley Cup is a big deal. This guy won the Stanley Cup, but it seems like everyone’s forgotten about him. Despite the fact that whenever he’s hurt the team collapses. I wouldn’t mind this guy, but it might be a bit risky.

“The Overrated Guy”

This guy is doing good, but he’s not facing a lot of shots. If he comes here, he’ll face more shots and fall apart. Mostly because the Islanders don’t have an elite defense. Also forget I mention the Islanders not having an elite defense the second after you read it.

“Crazy Enigma Guy”

He’s Russian and he wants to be an astronaut. What more could you want out of an Islanders goalie?

Act 2: Sign a Winger

All Kirill Kabanov jokes aside, the Islanders need to replace both Matt Moulson and Tomas Vanek. I mean you can’t just have the Islanders running amok and letting youngsters take that spot. The Isles need to go out and drop a lot of money on someone who might have one or two good seasons. Keeping youth stalled on the 3rd and 4th lines while bringing in mediocre older guys for the long term is the best way to build depth.

Okay Garth, I’ll admit it. I can’t think of anyone good worth signing. But that doesn’t mean you should just skip this part of fixing the Isles. Free Jason Clark!

Part 3: Bring in a Veteran Defenseman

And by Veteran I mean someone at or over 35. Just because you spent 13 picks in the last 3 drafts on Defenseman is no reason to suddenly get cold feet when it comes to old timers. Where would the Islanders be today without the influence of a Brendan Witt or Andy Sutton a few years ago?

Old Guy #1

Remember when +/- was a relevant stat? Well this guy is great at it! What, Me Worry?

Old Guy #2

Remember when I was talking about +/-, ignore it for this guy cause he’s “Versatile”

Old Guy #3

This guy is an impending UFA who just had one of his better years in a while. Definitely not a sign of someone who needs to cash in one last time. Plus he’s really old! I mean leadership experienced.

Episode 4: A New Coach Hope

Some people will tell you the problem is the coach. Some people will tell you the problem isn’t the coach. Some people spell it potato, some people spell it potatoe. Opinions are amazing things which I am just learning about.

But my opinion is what really matters, and it’s time for Coach Capuano to go. He has made mind boggling lineup and in game decisions. I’m also just going to throw that out there without pointing out any particular examples.

Anyway it’s not “relevant” if Coach Capuano “deserves” to be fired or not. The Penguins fired Michel Therrien and won the Stanley Cup the same year. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just fire their coach 3/4 of the way through a season and win the Cup. Just because statistically most coaching changes come when a team is struggling and they are bound to eventually improve with or without a coach is no reason to not change coaches.

This is the quickest and easiest way to get the Islanders back on track. So I don’t know why I made it my final entry. Some things are beyond my control.

“The guy everyone thinks they will bring in”

Since this is who everyone else thinks will take over the reins, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. We’re going to ignore the continual struggles of the ONE UNIT he has to coach already, and just figure that he has the job. I mean it doesn’t matter who takes over, as long as it’s someone new. Right?

“The guy everyone loves that shouldn’t have been fired”

I’m a huge Ted Nolan fan, and since he’s due to be fired by the Sabres after their horrible season, he should be easy to bring back. Of course everyone dreams of the success of the past, and maybe it’s just hindsight making things look better then they were.

With just these few simple moves, Garth Snow could make the Islanders a playoff caliber team. Get to work Garth, you have your guideline.

(For those wondering what I am rambling about, check this article out)

Micah C is a Racist Scumbag

By , January 8, 2014 1:36 pm

I realize that the last post I made was 2 months ago, and about Micah C. But there’s something about his stupidity that inspires me to post. His newest political ranting inspired me and then some, you can read it here. It’s almost as if Micah just ignores everything that’s outside his comfort zone. I’ve actually read a good chunk of what the maniacs in the tea party have written just so I can counter their stupid logic. But on with the show!

I think the title is appropriate. The more I hear about this guy, the more I realize how much of a race-baiting scumbag bigot he is. First time I ever became aware of this moron was on Bill Maher’s “Race Baiting and Bad Jokes” or whatever his HBO show is called. I think it may actually be “God killed my kitten when I was 5 and I’m mad.”

How do you not know the title of Bill Maher’s show? I mean it’s not really that hard, it’s called Real Time. Or you could always call it Politically Incorrect – HBO Edition. I guess it’s so impossible for someone to have an opposing view point to Micah that they must be petty angry people holding grudges from when they were 5. BTW googling “Race Baiting Bill Maher” comes up with a bunch of stories from when Maher took it to Reagan (the guy who vetoed the Anti-Apartheid Bill) for being racist.

Not completely sure. Anyway, there was a segment between Andrew Breitbart, Maher, and Dyson where Breitbart is discussing libertarianism and Ayn Rand’s works selling well, and Maher goes off on his usual schtick of “ermagerd right wingers lerv derr gerns and derr all racists derr herr derr.” Breitbart rightly calls him on it, and Dyson launches into one of the most idiotic tirades I had ever heard in my life. Starts at 3:25.

Wow, Breitbart. Really, Breitbart? The guy who continually cost good people their jobs and careers because he had to push a political agenda. Remember his video that basically destroyed Acorn? The video that was completely doctored and edited? Because Acorn got Obama elected. I could go on and on, or just show you this website.

So Micah links this video (but he says it starts at 3:25, I find the meat of it is before then and I’ve actually made the link to that time) whose actual title is “Michael Eric Dyson schools racist “Liberterian” Andrew Breitbart on Real Time with Bill Maher” and then adds a brilliant comedic shot at Maher:

Note: Bill Maher needs to fire the guy who does the Applause sign for his crowd. His timing is bad.

I guess the live audience for Bill Maher isn’t going to be liberal? So they need help to know when to applause? The amazing thing about this argument isn’t anything that Michael Dyson says, but that Breitbart is trying to argue that the black intelligentsia is forcing black people away from the conservative side of things. That’s probably why Micah wants you to start at 3:25, just after Breitbart’s shutup. Because there’s no defending anything Breitbart’s said. But let’s see what Micah says.

First thing I caught was that he said he wasn’t calling Breitbart a racist, but accused him of using “code language” (that doesn’t exist) and then mutters the line “I’m able to speak articulately,” implying that Breitbart thinks he’s an idiot because he’s black. So, he lies about some sort of code language, then calls Breitbart a racist using something close to a code language.

I had to watch the video a few times, but Dyson doesn’t call him a racist. Breitbart immediately says “so your calling me a racist” and Dyson says I’m able to speak articulately as in he’s able to explain what point he’s making without help from Breitbart. That point being that today you can’t be a dyed in the wool racist like you were in the 60′s, but conservatives still speak in a way that comes across as racist. For example Dyson points out Breitbart’s disparaging comment about the “Black Studies Professors”. The reality is you have to watch the whole clip, and both mine and Micah’s summarizing it doesn’t do it justice.

Aside from just being douchey, Dyson comes across as someone who isn’t a moron (he actually does make a decent point about African Americans today in regards to how many men are in jail and such) but has a skewed idea of how conservatives see skin color.

I’m rather curious as how Dyson is douchey, especially watching that video. Breitbart is bad at making points and constantly tries to jump in/cutoff Dyson as he’s making a long answer to what Breitbart says. Not every answer in the world is a 5 second sound bite. Sometimes it does take a minute or two to expound on a point. I also like how Micah misses the point about how many African Americans are in jail today. It’s not as though African Americans and other minorities are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime. The laws are being written and enforced in a way that disproportionately hurt minorities more.

The guiding light behind that? Republicans and conservatives. Especially when they can’t win the votes of minorities. Not only do you have states in which felons can’t vote, but some of them will never allow a felon to vote. For minorities it’s usually a matter of making one mistake when they are young, and they are branded for life. It’s so much harder to get a job, that it becomes an endless cycle of crime/incarceration with no end. So yes, minorities tend to rightfully blame Republicans and Conservatives for this.

On a personal note and speaking as a registered Tea Party member,

Wait, wait, did you actually register for one of the million (okay at least around here there’s a million tiny tea party parties) tea parties who have sprout into existence? I consider myself a Communist/Anarchist and I tend to dislike the Democrats for not being left leaning enough. But at the very least I realize that if I register as a Communist I can’t vote in Democratic primaries and I’d rather be able to vote in primaries. So instead of being able to vote in a Republican primary and possibly swing Republicans closer to your view, you registered for a party that will eternally siphon 100-200 votes in the general election from Republicans, BRILLIANT!

we don’t discriminate.

Wait, what? Oh wait, that’s right. If you want to join the Tea Party, feel free. Of course don’t expect them to actually do anything for you. Plus they only really want 1 black person per branch, just so they all have a black friend. This whole post by Micah is about how the Left/Liberals are really the racists. Because it’s always projection, and Micah’s head is so buried into the sand he is clueless. Sure the Old White Conservatives who suddenly sprung to life and believe that the Kenyan Obama is destroying the country. Wonder where these people were when Bush started a war based on Lies and destroyed the economy? BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI!!!

We want all people to join together to build a country that gets back to basics.

What exactly is back to the basics? Cause for me that means maybe we should cut some of the insane defense budget down? I believe Micah is the same age as me, so exactly what basics is he talking about? I don’t know, he’ll never explain it in this post and I’ll just be scratching my head.

People are starting to catch on as well. Recently in Chicago, a town hall meeting called by Al Sharpton completely and totally backfired on him. People want jobs, new leadership, and a better city, not self-imposed racial segregation, gun control, and inept leadership looking to rob them. See for yourself.

I liked the video he’s referencing. Of course it’s from a Breitbart source. I wonder how long the actual town hall went on for considering this video is only 6 minutes of it. Mostly it seems to be people upset with local Chicago politics. Shockingly though, Rahm Emanuel won election with 55% of the vote versus 23% for his closest opponent. He also seems to currently be running a near 50% approval rating, which is better then a lot of politicians right now.

Edit: As noted by friend of the blog, Les Mavus AKA HockeyGoalieEh, Chicago was the Murder Capitol of the US in 2012, and just closed out 2013 with a near 20% drop. All of this without arming every citizen in the city.

Just as a note, the Tea Party loves Chicago, and we want the same things for Illinois in general. God bless you, and I’m praying for all of you.

Yes, the four people at an Al Sharpton Town Hall who come close to your political viewpoint are obviously a signal of open revolt in Chicago. Of course it’s not just a local Chicago problem either. There’s a lot of issues in most major cities across the US right now. But one thing I know is that the largely Suburban tea party isn’t the answer.

Back on to Dyson. It seems like his entire schtick at this point is to try and make white people out to be the same devil that Malcom X tried to do as well, but he’s about forty years too late. He’s even gone and said some incredibly disgusting things like the following:

“So now we get more approximate to the truth of what race is in this country. As for Eric Holder, look: the reality is you gotta act now. The president, you won the second term. You’re in office. You are ensconced. Do something courageous, bold, and helpful. Not only to African American people but to America. Because unless we do this, white Americans and others will feel that this was a justifiable verdict, this is how things happen. Not until, and unless, the number of white kids die that approximate the numbers of black and other kids who die, will America see. It’s beyond logic. It’s about rationality. It’s about let’s get something done. I think the attorney general will look at this and I think it’s time for him to act.”

Yes, it might be shocking to hear, but until some white kid dies from the “stand your ground” law, they aren’t going to change. It’s basically an extension of Missing White Woman Syndrome. White people are going to say to themselves that “My Child would never be in that situation” until it’s a white child that dies to an idiots bullet. I mean look at the amount of protesting and work it took JUST to get George Zimmerman arrested. Let me repeat that, George Zimmerman shot an unarmed person and it took a huge national outcry just to get him arrested.

This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, considering that he constantly supports a party that was behind some of the most racist movements of the last two hundred years, including the foundation of the KKK and the intimidation of African American voters post-civil war.

I, what, I, what? Seriously? Micah is trying to say that the Democratic party of today is the same party responsible for the KKK and Seperate, But Equal? Yes, the names the same, but it’s obviously not the same party. Lyndon B Johnson knew it was the end of the solid south strategy when he signed the Civil Rights Act into law. Nixon used the south’s racial fears to get himself elected by running on a state’s rights platform. Most Southern Democrats switched parties.

The ghost of the party that was the Democrats from Post Civil War up until the new deal or the Civil Rights Act now rests with the Republican Party. Strom Thurmond is the perfect example, as he voted against the Civil Rights Act and was a noted Segregationist. Following the passing of the law he switched Parties. But once he started seeing his fellow racist senators losing, he softened his position.

Most recently, he’s found his way to attacking Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander fame. During a segment on MSNBC, after a member of a panel suggests that interest groups need to find a common ground or there could be disaster (which was a very truthful statement that needs to come true), Dyson immediately launches into a tirade that paints Robertson as a racist over a quote where Phil stated that he wasn’t around a lot of the segregation and misery during the 60’s. He also paints all white people as racists.

Micah’s original link doesn’t work, so I believe he’s talking about this Dyson clip. I like how Micah says something is a truthful statement that needs to come true. The problem with interest groups finding “common ground” is that there tends to be a side who just wants to live and let live (LGBT) and a side that considers all homosexuality a deviant lifestyle that needs to be punished (Religious Right). Hard to find common ground.

And once again, here’s where the point goes flying over Micah’s head. What Dyson says is that consciously or unconsciously our culture has largely been a white supremacist culture. That is true, being a white male there are all sorts of windows and doors and chances for you to be successful. It’s classic nature vs nurture. There are plenty of minorities who may be 10x more talented then me that are sitting in jail or in dead end jobs just because of their skin color.

Look, most people may not mean to be racist, but it is quite possible for them to be racist in ways that they don’t even realize. If no one ever points it out to them (and most people won’t/or won’t realize it) they will never know. It’s not race baiting to claim that the deck has been stacked against minorities being a success for the better part of the last 200 years. No one wants to be labelled a racist though, so I can see why people are upset about hearing the truth.

So, if you like Duck Dynasty, or if you agree with what Phil Robertson said, or something along those lines, you hate black people. These statements are absolutely ridiculous, and have no logical grounding, nor are they based in reality. This is simply racist speak from a man who hates white people because they’re a different color than him.

Okay, so up to this point I’ve been able to ignore what Robertson said. I don’t care, he’s a shithead on a shitty show that I wouldn’t know about if it weren’t for people asking if my beard was cause of the show. So let me take a look at what exactly Phil Robertson said.

“Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash,” he said.  ”They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!… Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

Wow, I know a lot has been made about his comments about homosexuality, but why is everyone ignoring this dumb quote? I mean you can almost imagine the same claim being made in 1913 about back when blacks were still slaves. Yes, they were singing and happy because they were either uneducated or undereducated, and also realized that in the society in which they lived there was no advancement for them. Plus could you imagine what would have happened if one of them complained about the work? I’m sure that was a merry old farm for the black people.

Look, as far as I can tell Dyson doesn’t “Hate White People” it’s that white people hate when their racism is being pointed out to them. The answer seems to be shoot the messenger, at least from the right. Even I will admit to being racist sometimes without realizing it. It’s hard when it’s been so ingrained in you since you were a kid. It’s like realizing that America isn’t the freedom and peace spreading country you learned about all through school. Or like learning that Santa isn’t real.

Dyson comes from the same cut as Professor Derek Bell (a noted anti-semite) and Louis Farakhan (who is also an anti-semetic bigot), where he spouts nonsense that attempts to rile up anyone of dark skin to separate themselves from anyone of a different color, and demonize them.

Well Louis Farakhan is a bit of insanity all in himself. I should mention that Farakhan also believes in dianetics (aka the Church of Scientology). I remember hearing a bit about Bell back during the 08 election, but reading the article, the whole antisemitism seems to be based on something he wrote/said in 1994. Bell mostly spent his life fighting against institutional racism at the Harvard Law School.

Americans don’t want segregation, Michael. What we want is unity. We want one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Beyond that, we want what Doctor King wanted.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Every night I pray for our leaders, and I believe that with the right push, we can take people like Dyson off of our televisions, and bring in people who want something new, and something good. We got rid of Martin Bashir, and we can get rid of all these corrupt sycophants as well.

Americans don’t want segregation, it already exists. School districts are now more segregated then they were during segregation. Look, no one is blatantly racist anymore unless they are a maniac. But it’s more of a wink, wink, nudge, nudge thing, as Dyson points out in the first video.

For example, let’s take “No Child Left Behind” which had mandatory testing to see how well a school was doing. If a school did well on the testing it got more funding. But a school doing bad on the testing meant less funding. But the playing field wasn’t level to begin with. School largely get their budgets from property taxes. White neighborhoods tend to have higher property values then minority neighborhoods, and thus better funding and schools. So white schools tended to do better on the test, resulting in more funds.

The reality is if you are anything but a White, Christian and Male, the deck is stacked against you. The new response from the right seems to be if you point out such inequalities, your obviously race baiting or bringing race into it. At the same time if you point out someone on the right has said something insanely insensitive, racist or homophobic, your trampling that persons free speech.

Maybe if Micah ever gets his head out of his own ass (and stops following insanity plagued right wing websites) he’ll see that the world isn’t as pretty and equal as he believes it to be. But I really doubt that would ever happen, and I can’t believe I spent this much time on a post that 8 people or so will read.

Sadly, No! Micah.

By , November 16, 2013 11:54 pm

(This post is inspired by the great people over at SadlyNo, who do a ten times better job then me at everything. But Micah is such a little shit and small minded, that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.)

Oh man, what a gold mind I stumbled on last night. Bored, I thought “I haven’t checked up on Micah in a long time, what could he be up to?” and what a shock I got. I think Micah lives in Kentucky, or grew up in Kentucky, or is somewhere near it. As bad as Micah was at reviewing games (and MMA for that matter) he’s decided to enter the political arena. Once again, Micah AKA The Cynic, has all the answers for the public, so let’s get to reading his brilliant views.

Wait wait wait… before I go into this, I must show the clearly non-partisan image he attached to this post

Not Partisan At All

Not Partisan At All

So without further Ado, some brilliance from the pen of Micah from The Cynic’s Corner. Or is he just the Cynic? I don’t know and don’t care.

Anyone who has been following on Twitter saw that I was very upset with the fact that Obama has once again won an election. I’m a cynic, and usually don’t care much about politics. In fact, I’m not a republican or a democrat. I just know which person is better to choose for the situation. Argue with me all day, but the right choice was not Barack Obama for this election, and it was not Barack Obama for the last election.

I’d rather pull out my own fingernails then follow him on twitter. But Micah doesn’t go for the small targets, nope he wants the whole plate. McCain should have won in 08? McCain LOST Virginia AND North Carolina. That’s with the election turnout rate being the highest it’s been since the 60s (before the voting age was lowered to 18). Virginia and North Carolina hadn’t voted Democrat in 11 elections.

Quite frankly, this election should have been John McCain running against a democrat trying to take office, and chances are our country would be in better shape.

For anyone who doesn’t know anything about politics, the way the United States works, economics, or anything along those lines (which is 90% of my fucking generation), the fact of the matter is that our economic state is not the fault of George W. Bush, no matter how convinced you are of the Democratic song and dance, or the Republican angry finger-pointing. The fault lies with everyone, and every single American who vote for Obama has voted in four more years of it. Congratulations.

Let this soak in, if McCain had somehow won, SARAH PALIN would be Vice President. Because she proved to eventually be such an effective Governor. So 90% of his “generation” don’t fucking know anything. Thank God Micah is here to teach us something.  Congrats to everyone who gave Obama another 4 years to fix the mess the Republicans have made since 00!

We are in the state we are in because of the spending habits of Baby Boomer businessmen, and the governing of all Baby Boomer politicians (both republican and democrat). Quite frankly, it’s the combined faults of companies that spent beyond their ability to make the money back, and presidents such as Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush that started these issues long before people my age were able to vote.

Wait Wait, I would love to know how it’s Bill Clinton’s fault for Spending? Clinton left office with the economy rocking and the national debt going away. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) had predicted huge surpluses for the early part of the 00′s. So what happened? Well check out this Washington Post article and come back here.

During Bush’s era, we found a government that couldn’t make up its mind on how much its citizens should be taxed. With Clinton, we saw a misguided attempt at improving relations with China open the way for Chinese progress at the expense of American industry, with many companies encouraged to outsource at a cheaper price. So, over the last six years plus, we’ve seen companies fall because of these decisions, and there wasn’t much that could be done. The economy crashed.

Bush said “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” and then proceeded to raise taxes. According to Micah this means the government couldn’t make up it’s mind about how people should be taxed. I don’t know what exactly he means? But even someone with a rudimentary understanding of history would remember that Nixon first visited China in 1972. If anything, the complaint should be that Clinton opened the way to cheap labor via NAFTA and Mexico. But Micah is an idiot. Basically according to Micah ALL manufacturing jobs moved to China overnight during Clinton’s era.

The thing about economics is that problems always start long before you see the effects, and we’re by no means out of the woods. In fact, we won’t be for a long time because of this current election. The fact of the matter is the Barack Obama might have a want for hope and change, but he doesn’t have a plan for it. He’s the proverbial child with his head in the clouds.

Obviously up to this point Obama has done nothing to try and improve the economy. I mean he just sits on his high horse saying pretty words and expecting things to work. The amazing thing about this paragraph is that Micah admits it takes a while to fix/break the economy, but 4 years was obviously plenty for Obama to magically fix things. It’s amazing how Micah keeps saying “the Fact is” but without any facts or substance to back up what he’s said.

What’s worse is that everyone bought into his song and dance. You’re all fish, caught by the bait and will be gutted by your decision. The fact of the matter is that Obama is not an agent of change. He is a Democrat. The last four years were evidence that he was nothing more than a Democrat, and yet people love to ignore evidence, and create their own. The fact is that we’re going to get bigger government, higher taxes, and ultimately a longer recession.

Now I’m not going to say I’m Obama’s biggest fan. I’ve been disappointed by him. I wish he would have been a lot more to the left and a lot more aggressive when dealing with Republicans. But no one in their right mind (or with any intelligence) could think that Romney would have done a good job. He was caught on camera taking a shit on 48% of the population which he wanted to govern. Even if you have a majority, you can’t govern from a majority, you have to deal with the minority. Amazingly Obama has bent over backwards to try and do this, and Republicans have still shit all over him.

Also I don’t get how a bigger government and higher taxes means a longer recession. The more a government spends (and I take the government having a bigger budget = bigger government) the more it makes back in taxes. So higher spending and higher taxes are a good way to help the economy. To top it all off, Obama doesn’t want to tax the average American like Micah, he wants to raise taxes on the super wealthy, the ones who have so much money they are cleaning their asses with gold toilet paper.

You see, Democrats want Government to expand, and try to solve everyone’s problems. Thing is, that’s ultimately going to lead to a point where business can’t prosper and education can’t thrive, because ultimately the government should not be the be-all, end all of this country. “For the people, by the people.” The Government should not be picking winners and losers, because that takes out the say of its citizens. I don’t want the Government to put my tax money into trying to expand green energy with new companies, because those new companies don’t know what to do. I want my Government to offer grants to companies willing to look into Green Energy that know how to manage their money.

Yes, how dare the government expand and try to solve people’s problems like getting food on the table and not being illegally evicted from their home! The Free Market Solves All! I guess if the government should not be picking winners and losers, the states should have to stop running lotteries. Green Energy Grants shouldn’t go to new, innovative companies. Nope, it should be given to an oil company that knows how to properly spend that money. So once again in a paragraph, Micah says the government shouldn’t pick winners and losers, but then lays out how he expects the government to hand out grants? Brilliant!

I also want my Government to stop singling out rich people as the problem. People aren’t allowed to reap what they sow? I’m starting to sound like Andrew Ryan here, but Washington is saying that it belongs to the poor. What are most of the poor in America doing? If the Government does everything for them, where does the need to prosper come in? It doesn’t, because people are lazy. If someone else is doing the work for them, then no progress is made.

I feel so bad for the rich. I mean why would someone ever go after them? I mean it’s not like the top 1% controls over 40% of the wealth in this country or anything…

Well then, consider me shocked. The funny thing is, as far as I can tell, is that Micah is a poor white guy struggling to survive. You’d think he’d have bounced around a few poor paying jobs, maybe spent some time on unemployment and food stamps scratching out a living. But apparently not, because according to him the poor are just lazy. But those rich people, they are the hardest working individuals I’ve ever met. This might be a surprise to Micah and a lot of people, but 99% of poor people on food stamps DON’T WANT TO BE POOR! They are as hard workers as anyone else, but sometimes shit just goes wrong for them. Most people only spend 3 months on food stamps and unemployment and eventually get their lives back together.

What our government needs to do is take the time to make sure that it’s in the right places, not overbearing on its citizens. Ultimately, that what the Republican party wants to do in regards to economy and the American government. It’s not about having more laws. It’s about application in the right places to make sure that there is growth. We’re not in a spot where big government will help, and that’s just the long and short of it.

Look, the Republican party is largely funded by the 1%. They have shown clearly time and time again that they couldn’t give two shits less about the poor. Time and again the Republicans want to cut funding for food stamps, for social aid, hell they want to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. But there’s an elephant in the room when it comes to cuts, and Republicans refuse to cut anything from here…

Amazingly we had surpluses following the last time that we cut into military spending. But since the Republicans are largely funded by the Defense Industry, you can guess how most of them feel about cutting our military spending. I should also point out that Micah STARTED this point saying he’s not a democrat or republican, but now he’s using almost all conservative talking points when bashing Democrats and praising Republicans. So, whatever. Must be a libertarian.

On a personal level, my experience with Obama has been hard. The fact of the matter is that he has spent the last four years farting around. His policies were ultimately a failure, and the only thing he has really gotten right (which I appreciate) is the revival of the American auto industry. That was a good move for his administration. Beyond that, not much has happened. No hope, no change. Same as it always was.

I would love to know what Micah’s personal experience with Obama was. I mean what did Micah want done (Other then the correct application of laws to revive the economy, or whatever that was) that Obama hasn’t done. Not only that, but Micah approves of the revival of the American auto industry. But nope, Obama hasn’t done anything else. That’s without mentioning the Affordable Care Act.

What’s worse is that the Democratic party has not really improved life for the working class. Guys like myself have had to bite, scratch, and claw our ways to a living whilst those who are more privileged pay less in tax percentage, which is what was SUPPOSED to change when Obama was elected. Not to mention, any tax breaks (which are much needed) have only been temporary. The problem is that an increase in taxes will equal another guaranteed recession. This has been the reality of my existence.

My mind is blown. Really, it is. Micah is drowning in his own stupidity at this point. Now he’s complaining about the Rich paying lower taxes? That the working class like him have to work harder? But only 4 paragraphs ago, Micah said the government has to stop blaming rich people. But now Micah is blaming the rich for his tough life and Obama? I think my ears are bleeding right now. The Republicans wouldn’t let the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich expire, because they claimed allowing them to expire would be raising taxes. They fought tooth and nail, but Obama finally got them to back down and did allow the Bush for the richest.

The other problem is that Micah is apparently too proud to ask the government for help. Look, when I was poor and Kohls was giving me 4 hours a week (28 dollar check, big money!) I got food stamps and government assistance as much as I could. Now I got a better job and better pay and don’t need the help. But I guess Micah is too proud, or else he might have to actually walk in someone else’s shoes and feel compassion for five seconds.

I voted for Mitt Romney not because of his political background, or because of any other reason. I voted for Mitt Romney because he was the right person at the right time. Sadly, I have to endure four more years of not-hope and not-change. Life will continue as it always has, and I’ll continue to climb despite how little the Democratic party cares about the working folks of America. They’re too busy trying to be everyone’s Jesus.

Of course Micah hasn’t told us WHY Romney was the right person at the right time. Other then vague misunderstanding of how the economy works and how Democrats sold us out to China. I should mention, that Micah is white. This is important because of his line of how the Dems are working to be everyone’s Jesus. Believe it or not Micah, there are more then white people out there. They even vote, and while the Republicans continually bash minorities, the Democrats actually try to do something to help make their lives better.

This is pure Micah though. He probably listened to a bit of Rush Limbaugh here and there, now he’s a genius when it comes to fixing the economy. The sad thing is that there are too many people like Micah, who hate the Democrat “brand” but believe in their ideas. It’s pretty obvious that if you just gave the actual platforms of both parties without speaking point words (big government, etc…) that he would chose democrat. But it’s obviously the democrats keeping him down.

It has nothing to do with the Republicans who were a part of the 113th Congress. The congress that basically refused to do anything (well except for voting down Obamacare). How bad was it? It actually did less then the infamous “Do Nothing Congress” which Truman campaigned against. This article pretty much lines it out.

I have a Jesus, and I like him more than you, Mr President.

-Micah C

Yes, I realize his post is now over a year old, but I just saw it today. I couldn’t resist ridiculing how dumb it was.

The Freakin No Fun Network

By , October 13, 2013 7:04 am

So I was a poster on the Freakin’ Awesome Network back in the day. Actually I started posting there before it became the FAN, back when it was the Wrestlecrap forum. It was the wrestlecrap forum until the people actually running wrestlecrap got tired of hearing all the bullshit because the Mods were insane. How insane were the mods? Well my original account was banned from the forum because I was obviously a troll in hiding.

How was I a troll in hiding? Well after 2 years and 300 or 400 posts, of which no one ever complained about, I posted “Cool Story, Bro” in response to this hideously long waaa waa waaa my life is horrible post. No warnings, no alerts, no notices, just straight out banned. So obviously I had been on there for 2 years and 300+ posts just so I could one day tell someone Cool Story Bro.

It’s been a while (my first account was probably from 08-10) so I figured I’d make a new account. I named the account “No” my avatar was Dikete Mutombo shaking his finger and my sig was the guy from the office screaming “No”. It’s a bit of a joke because of Yes Yes Yes from Brian Daniels. Probably a joke only I would get, but such is life. So I’d try to answer any forum topic that seemed like a question with “No”.

In 11 days I made 7 posts, all of them No. You can see the post history here (but of course not the funny sig/avatar). After the last one I was banned from the forums again, no reason, no warning, no probation, just banned. So if you want to go to a forum with a bunch of mods who have a log up their ass, feel free to enjoy the Freakin’ Awesome Network. There’s some good wrestling talk, but in the end it’s shit.

Even worse is the actual Freakin’ Awesome Network. Currently one of their “reviews” is of That 70′s Show. I should take his way of reviewing. Funny Picture for everyone! Who cares what I write, cause there’s a funny picture here!

OJBESee, now you have no idea what I just wrote. Your not even reading this. So Freakin’ Awesome Network sucks, and their forum is even worse. Their mods have ZERO sense of humor.

Why Bleacher Report STILL Sucks

By , October 6, 2013 6:47 am

Since google fixed their search algorithm, you no longer get 10 different Bleacher Report stories (more like slideshows) when looking up anything sports related. Of course, since BR had become a laughing stock/punching bag on the internet, there was an attempt to improve the quality of writing on the site. One of those things consist of adding outside sources to articles.

Of course an outside source only works if you actually quote what was said. I noticed that one of my old stories at Lighthouse Hockey was getting a few views from BR. It turned out to be a slideshow (surprise!) about large athletes. The actual “story” or picture in question was of Joe Finley. Below a picture of him is the following quote

Claimed off waivers by the New York Islanders last January, defenseman Joe Finley was a solid contributor, and considering he is roughly the size of a house, he certainly has the capability to absorb more than a few shot toward the net.

Solid is a link back to my Garth Snow GM of the Year story. Now I for one never remember saying anything good about Joe Finley. After about 5 games of Joe Finley I was screaming for anyone else to be back on the ice. If it wasn’t for his size, Finley would have never made it past the ECHL. So I re-read my story and found the following quote related to Joe Finley:

Yet it also goes back to the waiver wire claims, picking up Brian Strait, Thomas Hickey, Joe Finley and Keith Aucoin. Each player was a positive addition to the team (well maybe not the one that rhymes with Ginley)

So I’m clueless at how this BR author decided that my article showed that Joe Finley was a solid contributor. I’d think it was sarcasm, but then they follow it up with a positive about Finley.

Thank god Bleacher Report added outside sources which no one ever reads, even the author, because that obviously improved the writing and articles (photo slideshows). This also isn’t just one small error on an author that no one reads. This author has the 4th most read articles on BR. The article itself has almost 300K views.