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Micah Curtis of Techraptor Doesn’t Understand Marxism

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I had really stopped making Micah posts, because they had just become so dumb. Even though Micah FINALLY finished his “response to Zoe Quinn misquoting me” it was pretty much what I expected it to be. Micah was hardly misquoted, as he wasn’t quoted. The Zoe Quinn article used an image TechRaptor had used as a header to one of his articles to show how TR latched onto #GamerGate for views. You can read my response or his response or both.

Going to that article actually reminded me of something. That somehow Micah thought THIS was an appropriate header for anything, really, let alone for an article which was supposed to be about ethics.

Don’t worry though, Micah has a black sister so he can’t be racist. Clearly no racist has ever actually had a relative or friend of that race and still been a racist fuck. My friend Mike had a pretty good response to this:


Speaking of racism… The idea that the President of the United States might actually hate America is so absurd, I have no words for it. Now I might have hated George W Bush with a burning passion, but I never would have thought he hated America. Now Black People, he probably did hate. Sort of meandering here, but I wanted to point out that in his response to Zoe’s article, Micah claims not to be a part of #GamerGate. Sure he hates the same people, takes the same stances as them on just about everything, but he’s not a member of GamerGate. Just like your one cousin who votes straight Republican, agrees with everything Republicans do, but he’s a Libertarian anytime politics get brought up. Don’t blame him for what the GOP is screwing up. So let’s get to Micah and Marxism, because why not?  

For those not “in the know” Bob Chipman is MovieBob who used to be on the escapist. Just like most of the Youtube celebs (like Spoony, TGWTG, and others) his stuff is awful so I’ve never watched it. But it’s not surprising that someone might consider the Call of Duty games right wing. You shoot thousands of faceless, nameless adversaries who tend to be minorities in the USA.

Since I haven’t played CoD since the first two. I decided to take a look at who the enemy side was for the last 3 CoDs. CoD Ghosts involves an alternate timeline in which the Middle East takes a few nuclear bombs, so the enemies are South Americans who control oil production now. CoD Black Ops involved the USSR and related Soviet States (Hong Kong, Cuba, Laos, South Vietnam). Black Ops 2’s plot summary on Wikipedia actually confused me. But it seems like the big baddies is a South American drug lord. So make of that what you will.


Come on man, we gotta get organized. We “progressives” (Why is that even in quotes?) don’t know what we’re fighting for or how we’re fighting for it. I mean that sounds pretty damning. If Micah wasn’t completely out of touch with reality. Pretty sure most “progressives” are fighting for equality. You know, the whole “All men are created equal” thingamabob. It’s being done as a mass movement through protests (Occupy, Ferguson Protests, etc… etc…) and via online to spread the word.  

Not just any evil, but teh evil. America probably does need to be radically changed. We have a military industrial complex which is running wildly out of control. Just as an example, women make up over 51% of the country, but only 20% of the representatives in Congress are women.

Even worse is that minorities only make up 18% of representatives. The Supreme Court has 9 judges, of which 6 are old white guys. If you look at the current voting rights in the United States, most of the founding fathers would be outraged. The Constitution was originally written given voting rights to just those wealthy landowners. Black people were also 3/5ths of a person. But there’s no need for “radical changes”


Marxism, I do not think this word means what you think it means. Everything that’s liberal is Marxism to Micah. Hell to Micah anything he dislikes is Marxism. It’s almost as though he’s a relic from the cold war and everything is done by the Soviets. Also how does the United States “regress” to Marxism? Was there a period in time in which we were a Marxist state? I would have loved to live in those times. Look, people bash the Soviet Union, but it’s not like Russia since becoming a democracy has become a land of milk and honey. It would be amazing if a nation as rich in natural resources as the United States became Marxist. There would be no more poverty, no more struggling to survive. Social services would be fully paid for by the state. The state would simply take the mega fortunes acquired by the 1% and spread it around to everyone. Sigh, if only.  

I don’t know who any of these people are. Well I lie, I know Ben Kuchera is a video game journalist cause Micah screams about him enough. But who cares about the political views of a video game journalist? Ironically that could be used to make fun of me for mocking Micah. But Micah does more then just video games.

Does anyone else find it ironic that someone who for a while was a part of #GamerGate is calling progressives bullies? I mean GamerGate has spent the last how ever many months attacking Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu and others. So hey, Micah’s being a hypocrite again, nothing new really.

So I was curious. Are any of the three people Micah named even old enough to have attended college in the 60s and 70s? Let’s just say someone spent the last 4 years in college from 78-82, graduating at 23. That would make them 54 today. While Kuchera MIGHT be that old, Plante is clearly in his mid 30s at most and Walker looks to be early 40s at worst. Clearly progressiveness is a poison which was born in the 60s and 70s. At no other time in history did people try to help their fellow man rise up. Clearly the Muckrakers who pointed out urban poverty, corrupt political machines and the general misery of being alive at the time were Marxists. They also hated America. Or you know, all those Unions that fought for many of the rights we have as workers today. They were clearly Marxists who hated America. The free market should decide whether or not young children are profitable workers. The free market should decide whether workers  should be shoved down mines in horrible conditions facing near death situations and no safety. Free Market should decide whether our meat is inspected or not.  

As much as I have followed and studied Soviet history, I have seen very few people with active praise for Stalin. Very few people would call Stalin a “revolutionary” as he largely worked his way up the ranks in the Bolsheviks by robbing money to support the party. There are people who still favor Stalin, for their reasons. But there are also people who still favor Mao, Mussolini, Hitler, and other horrible people. Because everyone is different.

The Che line is a joke, really. It comes from Che killing 300 supporters of the Batisita government after Fidel took over. In the time leading up to the Cuban Revolution, Batista killed thousands of real and supposed rebels. I actually wrote on it a long while ago. Crazy thing, Che actually went out as a youth and saw the effects of the United Fruit Company on the population and became a revolutionary for life. Empathy being something which is foreign to Micah. If he ever did see people like that, he’d just think they had to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps.


The irony of Micah calling anyone morally bankrupt is never lost on me. Let’s pick out some more gems while I’m here…

When has Micah ever said he’s sorry? He’s said and done outrageously stupid and offensive stuff (Dreamcast MLK for example) and just doubles down on it or claims “I’m being taken out of context” Whatever, nothing will ever stop him from being a hypocritical douchebag pretty much.

Okay, so I write for Lighthouse Hockey, which is an SBN blog. That’s probably the only reason your here. But Micah has been raging so hard against SBN/Vox since anytime he posted on CSS he largely got mocked. But I’m going to let a secret out of the bag here, as far as I know most of the blogs are independently run. That means that SBN doesn’t really vet any of the contributors besides the managing editor. SBN bigwigs probably have no idea I exist and give no shits about me.

Also another important point, (afaik) only the managing editor gets paid. They don’t pay contributors, so SBNation/Vox didn’t hire a murderer. Since trying to look up anything murder related and wrestling just gets a thousand Benoit articles, I have no idea who Micah is talking about. But in all reality SBN/Vox probably had nothing to do with this guy getting hired, he probably wasn’t hired and only worked as a volunteer. So good work breaking that story, Micah.

The more I dig, the more amazing stuff I find. Reminder that this tweet is from AFTER Micah wrote an article claiming that he’s not in GamerGate. But he takes the time to write an apology to GamerGate on 8Chan, an imageboard infamous for Child Pornography (Not the Gamergate board itself, but other ones that were on the site). So what did Micah say to upset people there?

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Let’s Play Sims 3: First Kisses

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So it’s onto Day 3!

Liz is now 3/4 of the way through the Athletic skill, and can now train friends and family. Time to put them to work.

After finishing his bath, Sword decides to kick back and play some tunes in the house.

Just realized now that Sword of course left a mess in the bathroom. At least he’s asleep so everyone else can sleep now.

Liz comes home from her workout to realize that not only does she have to clean a puddle, but flush the toilet and clean the tub before taking a bath. At the very least though she woke up sword.

Sword gets to work on his next artistic masterpiece while the sun starts coming up. Lew wakes up in a pissy mood.

Lew gets to work making breakfast, while Fov has claimed a spot on the couch. Liz is off to work, because she actually has a job. Rhaz wakes up hungry, too.

Alright Rhaz, I realize you were hungry. But why grab the old, cold, burnt waffles out of the fridge when Lew was making fresh waffles for everyone?

While everyone is distracted, Sword quickly grabs himself a bed.

Fov meanwhile calls his young friend over.

Rhazca sees that new neighbors have moved in, and decides to make friends. Also you can see what Sword was painting, which appears to be a trash can?

There is only one choice for introductions, really.

The conversation starts off quite well!

Come on Shendu, you can do better then that.

There are no words that can follow these three images.

Rhaz rushed home to use the bathroom, as Lew ran off to work and Liz came home from her job in a foul mood. Fov is putting the moves on Bessie, I think.

Liz as a werewolf.

Well that went about as I suspected.

I forgot I sent Sword to the park to practice. His fan from the other day is back again.

She proceeds to take off as soon as he starts playing.

One of these Wishes are going to be fulled tonight, come hell or high water!

Yes, Shendu, just a bit odd. Shendu also proceeded to turn around and puke twice. But I didn’t capture that because it was so sudden and I wasn’t expecting it.

Werewolf Liz sleeping just made me laugh. Mostly clipping knees.

Fov was running on autopilot and proceeded directly to the mirror.

Things are starting to get touchy feely across the street.

Fov has a logic level of 1, so yes go play a chess champ.

Well those two are hitting it off.

At least until Rhaz gets a random phone call.

Rhaz keeps upgrading that charisma!

Lew has gotten himself promoted, so maybe the house will have more money now.

Awww such a cute couple.

Why Lew? Why the burnt Waffles? I am so confused. Also sword is continuing to put the moves on Agnes apparently.

So cute! And that’s 1 boyfriend down, 9 more to go. All the charisma gaining too!

The rest of the house starts to buckle down for the night. All the food is going bad, and the Fridge stinks too.

Rhaz and Shendu enjoy a post snuggling meal.

If this is my last post, my killer is either Rhaz or Shendu.

The Islanders bumped the Rangers off MSG

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And the responses by Ranger fans are quite amusing. This is ironic, since the Rangers play in MSG and the Islanders do not. The news was broken by Neil Best with this tweet:


So let’s see how some Ranger fans are taking the news…

That’s actually pretty reasonable. I expected things to go downhill pretty quickly. Oh wait, there’s more you say? Well let’s take a look:  

Ouch, retarded, really? I haven’t heard that expression used in years. Not that it should surprise me. Among other Dolan fuckups is constantly spending insane amounts of money on his teams, which proceed to suck.


Practical reason? probably that the Islanders are first in the Metro division (by 4 points over guess who?) and playing against the Central leading and best team in the league Predators. Meanwhile the Rangers are playing Vancouver, who are in 3rd in their division. Which do you think will get better ratings?

Well it’s not as if MSG ratings can plummet much further then when the Knicks play…

This might be my favorite. I don’t know how it even works. Are Long Islanders Hipsters? Are Islanders fans Hipsters because the teams moving to Brooklyn? Are there already Islanders fans from Brooklyn who jumped on the bandwagon and are Hipsters? I’ve been to plenty of Islanders games, and the crowd doesn’t really strike me as hipsters. Meanwhile seeing Ranger fans on mass transit, I can tell you who I think the dam hipsters are.

Only crybaby Ranger fans, so I’m fine with this.

Let’s Play Sims 3: Werewolf in Latrines

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My friends actually liked this, and bugged me enough to keep doing it that I was motivated to actually start getting somewhere with this. These always die out due to lack of motivation, so we’ll see how it goes. But let’s get on to Day 2:

While Liz munches down on some of Lew’s cooking, Fov and Lew aren’t getting along that well. Right up until I took this screenshot, Fov was just staring at Liz eating.

Liz finishes dinner and the guys make up. But they still both think the other one is boring.

Lew and Liz are the last ones to bed, and refuse to sleep in a bed with someone else in it.

Lew finally decides to sleep on the couch while Liz takes a late night bath. Funny thing being that Liz has to get up for work at 6AM.

Liz decides fuck it, if she can’t sleep she’ll just play video games. Waking up Lew in the process.

Lew almost breaks the dam toilet.

I forgot I gave Lew the brooding trait, and this image just made me laugh cause I had no idea what was going on.

While Lew Broods, Liz quickly slips onto the couch for a nap at 4AM. All of 2 hours before she has to leave for work.

Poor Lew.

Lew Broods over Sword.

Liz somehow heads off to work.

Lew finally passes out on the couch, as Rhaz looks through the bookcase and Sword wakes up.

So Liz managed to do this on her first day on the job, about 15 minutes into being on the job. Also Rhazca reading a book in his boxers next to a sleeping Lew.

Sword goes to the park to practice his music.

Lew finally gets himself a bed to sleep in. Thankfully still a few hours till work for him.

Rhaz decides to cook since he’s hungry. They also decided to let Lew’s cooking go to waste… Meanwhile Fov talks to random strangers on the internet.

Fov requires a 600 sim dollar mirror. He has also discovered his first target.

Rhaz’s cooking went as well as could be expected…

So appearently Fov is an attractive sim. At least I’m guessing it’s him Liz is referring to.

Wow those waffles.

Fov decides to grab anything else out of the fridge. Rhazca though actually eats them.

Lew stares out the window while Liz sleeps.

Lew, who can cook, decides to forgo cooking and eat some of the waffles. Alright then.

Liz and Lew both sleep away, while Rhazca takes a bath. Also this whole time Sword is just playing in the park.

Sword has a fan.

Rhazca goes to answer the door, as Fov’s new friend comes over. Unfortunately she got here before he was done cleaning up.

Fov gets to work woo’ing his young friend.

Wait, Rhazca, your going through the trouble of putting away the waffles. But no one put away Lew’s meal?

This might not be a woman for you, Fov.

Liz wakes up, Fov is still talking with Bessie. Sword is trying out his painting skills. Rhazca is working on his charisma.

Why? Why is anyone eating the leftover, cold, burnt, waffles?

Well now Rhazca has an excuse to leave the house.

Lew’s the first one to bed, right after work.

Sword Money Made Playing Guitar: 0
Sword Money Made Crudely Finger Painting: 3

So of course this happens immediately after.

We have improved the style in the living room.


And so we end Day 2, with Rhazca, Fov and Lew in Bed. Sword is being sword in the tub and Liz is pumping iron before she has work at 6 AM. Forward and Onward to Tomorrow!

Let’s Play Sims 3: My Poor Friends

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Once upon a time I did a Sims 3 Let’s Play. It lasted about a week of in game time, but took me about 6 months to get that far. So this time I’m trying to streamline it a tad. I’m also adding my friends who I play League of Legends with into the game. The forum I posted the last Let’s Play to doesn’t exist anymore, so I wanted it to actually last by being on here.

Let’s meet my friends who have joined the party, with none of their knowledge. Also all traits can be found here.




Liz (who might also be a werewolf)

And Sword, who is just dressed in silly clothing because it amuses me.

Group Shot! Family Portrait!

The house before furnishing it. Two bedrooms in this one! I’m so used to buying the trailer and just building it up like crazy.

The house after furnishing it. Only enough room for 3 beds, so everyone pick your bedmate.

Sword immediately starts playing the guitar and entertaining everyone for a bit. While Rhazca is immediately drawn to the stylish bookcase.

Liz immediately gets to work on fulfilling her dreams of becoming the first werewolf in space.

Rhazca gets himself a mirror to work on his already incredible charisma. Sword improves his guitar playing while Lewtskie improves his cooking skill by reading a book.

Liz and Fov get along, first making weird faces at each other and then kicking back to watch some TV. The other three continue working on their skills.

Lew decides he’s learned enough to join the culinary career. Meanwhile Fov has decided to study logic and Rhaz is reading because that’s what he’s going to do.

Liz decides to go out for a swim. Unfortunately I found out here that swimming doesn’t actually improve athleticism, because reasons?

Sword meanwhile decides to take his guitar skills to the public. If he was any good, he’d make some tips, but he’s not.

Lewtskie made dinner for everyone, because that’s what he’s probably going to do most of the time.

Liz ran over to the Gym, because apparently only the gym allows you to prove athleticism and is affordable at the moment (it’s free). I sort of forget Liz is here after this point, and she manages to get 3 points in Athletics in 2 hours. Werewolf I guess?

Slowly but surely everyone makes it back to the house for some of the Gooey Cabrera that Lew made. Mostly this is just to show off Liz’s mood, which amused me.

Rhazca, in a sign of being the brains of the group, goes to bed first. This let’s him claim the only single bed. Also Fov enjoyed teasing Lew.

And so Day 1 came to a close, without much of anything interesting happening. Tomorrow we shall send them out into the world to see what hijinks await them.