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Who Buys This Junk? WinCleaner

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Whenever I post one of these, I open up by saying how flabbergasted that a product is being sold. But this one is so stupid and such a complete scam, I’m amazed. WinCleaner is a USB Memory Stick, with an anti-virus program on it at the very least. It’s pretty clear from their video that they are aiming for people who are absolutely clueless and cheap.

The sad thing is, most people can probably fix their computers themselves for free. There are plenty of free/open source anti-virus programs online. As friend of the blog, John Botte (@john_islesfan) stated somewhere “If they want you to pay for it, it’s probably a ripoff.” This ripoff though comes with a video straight out of 1995’s Hackers.

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Freedom Video Games Creating Anti-#GamerGate Game

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Freedom Video Games, a recent startup headquartered in San Fransisco, has begun work on their first video game. Thanks to an overwhelmingly successful kickstarter, they plan to take things to an “Epic, Skyrim level scale.” They will also be working on episodic content for subscribers to their patreon account.

The game will revolutionize the video game scene. Players will not be able to choose a male or female character. Instead they can create a character from a rainbow slider of choices! On the good side, characters will not be chained to a gender, and even good NPCs will not be your typical male or female. Sexuality choices for players will include everything except straight. Finally you can play a game as an asexual character whose party of followers are just good friends.

Meanwhile the invading evil orcs will the only straight male/female characters in the game. Their vicious evil patriarchy will stand as a direct contrast to the good side. Their invasion wishes to force their strange ideals, such as one wife, male/female only marriage and being straight, onto the player characters people.

One of the most defining aspects of the orcs will be their battle flag seen everywhere. The coiled snake on a yellow flag rallies the orcs at their worst moments. They even take the time to pledge allegiance directly to the flag daily, as though the flag would question them otherwise. The lack of freedom in the invading orcs, along with their strict societal structure will surely be their downfall.

The player character won’t just be helping fighting for today. He will also be fighting for tomorrow. Raising children to be a part of the cause and to understand gender fluidity and the importance of not being enslaved to gender or sexuality. The war against the fiendishly evil orcs might just be more then one generation of heroes can handle.

The most infamous and fearsome of the Orcs will be Nero, who the player character might just be able to discover (spoiler) is closeted and wishes to be a pretty woman instead of a warrior.  Also high among in the orc ranks is “Skull Warrior” who has enhanced his armor with a collection of skulls, and Tate who is a weakling compared to his brothers but is still a complete blowhard.

There will also be a tie in mobile app. The battle will truly never end. The orcs will attack you on facebook, twitter, even order pizza to your house. For there are more then one front the evildoers can attack from, and they must be battled on every front.

The as of yet unnamed game will hopefully be out of Alpha and ready for Beta going into the summer. Until then continue following press releases from Freedom Video Games to find out how you can join the fight against the Patriarchal Power.

Who Buys This Junk? Clear TV

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I might have written about this before. But that this exists still surprises me. I feel that this ad is targeting the elderly and low income, giving them the impression they can get cable for free. A few years ago over the air TV broadcasts switched to digital high definition. So if you happened to have older analog antennas, you wouldn’t get broadcasts anymore.

I probably should just post the ad, and point out the worst parts of it:

So if you know anything about electronics, this is simply a digital tv antenna. This can be purchased from any just about any store that still carries them. You just get whatever happens to be within range of you and broadcast over the air.

So basically I can see elderly couples or possibly lower income people after watching this ad believing they can get free cable tv channels. They might also be aiming for young people looking to cut the cable wire, who have always grown up with cable and don’t realize channels are broadcast over the air for free.

It really shouldn’t be surprising that just about everything titled “As Seen On TV” comes across as some sort of scan. But it surprises me that people might not even know about broadcast television in this day and age. Don’t people ask “Hey what did we do before cable?” or move to new places and not get their cable up for a few days and pickup broadcast TV? Hell even my brand new tv still runs an autoscan, which you don’t really need for Cable.

A quick search of shows plenty of sub 20 dollar digital antennas. Most of them look as though they will work better (or at least mount better) then Clear TV. This ad has been going in my area at least since I moved here 2 years ago. I’ve got to ask once again, who is buying this junk? How is it profitable? Oh great mysteries of our time.

Child Pornography, Micah Curtis, #GamerGate and Context

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If you’ve followed my posts, especially about Micah Curtis, one of his favorite defenses is that he was “taken out of context.” So upon seeing my post yesterday, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that his response was that I had taken him out of context. You can read as much right here:

I’m going to work on these in order from bottom to top. Just to confuse you, my dear reader.

First off, I’ll admit I knew Micah writes/wrote part time for newspapers, mostly on MMA. But unless whatever newspaper he’s writing for doesn’t have an internet site, I can’t find any articles with his byline (I guess he could use a pen name). I tried searching google for “Micah Curtis” MMA and found one article from the Shelbyville Daily Union along with some of his MMA Monday videos. In the Shelbyville article he is simply quoted, and isn’t the author.

But whatever, that isn’t a big deal. Sports Journalist is about one notch on the ladder above Video Game Journalist. The fact that Micah is a “part time” journalist also goes to prove my point, Micah won’t be a full time journalist because he has a complete lack of empathy. You have to go into a situation with as little bias as possible, possibly emphasizing with both sides of a situation when your trying to be fair (and not a Breitbart reporter) something that’s impossible for Micah as proven time and time again.

Just to be on the safe side, I also googled “Micah Curtis” UFC and found a dead article at the Shelbyville Daily Union website. Alright, you write for a local newspaper no one’s ever heard of with a circulation of 3,000 people for going on 6 years now. Your brilliant writing is just setting the world on fire! (Also I am willing to admit I am completely wrong if Micah uses a different byline or the newspaper he writes for has no articles, whatever.)

Did I ever get taken to task by the denizens of #GamerGate, yep they surely taught me the error of my ways. Let’s look at some of those tweets (Since I got a LOT of responses, going to try to summarize them):

This response to my tweet was so quick, they clearly didn’t read the post. Any sane person who (trigger warning) read Olson’s original post would understand he wasn’t spreading Child Pornography. There’s no real response possible to this.

There is no combination of District Attorney/Judge that would read and see Olson’s post and think his intent was to spread Child Pornography. In the real world, not everything is black and white. Let’s just go to Olson’s tweets on the subject:

I can’t find the tweet at the moment in which Olson say’s he contacted authorities, but I do remember seeing it. Truthfully I’d rather drink beer right now and wash the taste out of my mouth then continue to edit together the insane tweets I got. I’m not even a fan of Dan Olson/Foldable Human. I’ve only ever seen one video by him and read a single article. I’m just outraged by stupidity.

Yes, the site moderated CP which had been up for months as soon as someone made a big enough fuss about it. It would still be there if the story didn’t pick up traction online.

You know what I’ll admit here; I don’t know the finer intricacies of Child Pornography. I’d rather not know that Canadian Law is tougher on CP then US law. I’d rather just stay away from anything I consider CP and not finding myself in a position to have to defend that something I’m looking at is “Legally fine” but illegal in Canada. That’s just me though.

Once again, Olson NEVER mentioned #GamerGate in his post. He didn’t slander #GamerGate. The problem is that 8Chan is so well known as a hub for #GamerGate that GG considers anything negative about 8Chan to be negative about them. Also using an image board that also houses quite a few pedophile specific boards can reflect poorly on you. He took screenshots of an image board for a blog/story post. Since that post some of those boards have been removed from 8Chan. I’d say that Olson succeeded at what he was trying to do.

Clearly the problem is that Olson told pedos WHERE to get their CP from. Not at all that 8Chan was allowing all sorts of questionably legal images to be posted on their site for months at a time. Got it.

Clearly, the guy whose twitter avatar is currently dedicated to the Spanish Civil War and whose header is of Trotsky has no idea the world exists beyond the US borders. The amazing thing is, the tweets being sent my way just kept getting dumber.

I am actually a Communist-Anarchist, along with considering myself a Tortskyist and an ardent of the 4th Internationale. To make this quick, I don’t believe that anarchy means “there are no laws, do whatever you want.” To me it means a classless society in which all people are equal, and there are no need for laws because there is a base understanding within society of what is right and wrong. People all work towards the common good, giving into the collective pot and taking from the collective pot as needed.

But I don’t have the patience right now to get into the intricacies of what I believe. Just be assured Anarchy to me doesn’t mean someone’s going to kick down your door and kill you because “there’s no laws.”

I know, I’m a broken record, but Olson reported it to authorities. He just didn’t bother reporting it to the mods WHO LEFT IT UP FOR MONTHS ALREADY! Why would you bother? And once again, how is Olson’s story “spreading CP”? Olson’s story points out that CP exists on 8Chan and continued to exist for months at a time. They were never going to remove it, but the pressure and the outrage from the public finally got it taken down. Whistleblowing is usually when you go above and beyond the first avenues to report something, to get the attention of a larger group of people to get something done. Which is exactly what happened in this situation.

Stormfront supports #GamerGate, this isn’t bluster of a bluff or bullshit. That link leads to a tumblr screenshot from the Stormfront forums in support of GG. There has also been a good amount of Anti-Semitism, especially old anti-Semitic propaganda posters being re-purposed. As for racism, this is a movement that used #NotYourShield as a literal shield.

That’s it, I’m done going through my notifications again. Needless to say most of the people that tweeted at me never read my post, never read Dan Olson’s post, but they sure had the same talking points over and over again.

Back to Micah. I legitimately don’t know where I “took him out of context.” The screenshot I posted yesterday was 90% of all his tweets as related to Olson. In fairness he also at first said GG shouldn’t waste time going after Olson, but then changed his mind. I should also state that I left out the trashiest of Micah’s comments about Olson, but let me add this for context:

According to that logic, NBC promoted pedophilia by having Chris Hansen on their network. But fuck it, I don’t care, why? Because Micah’s going to claim I took that tweet out of context. All he does is claim that his quotes are always taken out of context. A screenshot from Micah’s video that Techraptor used to promote Micah’s (and headline) article on the same subject and then used by Zoe Quinn to show how Techraptor was obsessed with her was clearly Zoe Quinn taking him out of context. Fuck it, let’s take Micah out of context some more!

Please, comment below Micah. I promise I won’t delete your comment. I will leave it in all it’s glory. But what’s not reprehensible about that statement? Why are you attacking Olson instead of 8Chan over child pornography? The only reason you find him detestable is because you disagree with him. But since 8Chan agrees with you, then it’s fine that 8chan mods took months to remove child porn from their image boards. What about that isn’t hypocritical at all? Please, comment below. Tweet. Make a video. I don’t care, but explain the thought process.

Now I covered “Foldable Terrorism”, Micah’s response to Dan Olson previously. Well in fairness I reviewed the article, because I couldn’t make it through more then 5 minutes of his video. I tried, I really did. But I did watch the original Foldable Human video on GamerGate. It’s actually a good, interesting watch that has an interesting concept at it’s center. I can’t really summarize it, since Olson take’s the first 7 minutes of his video laying the groundwork.

Micah, in his response video, COMPLETELY skips over the first part of the video. That groundwork is laid in reference to Superman. Without that, the rest of the video is lacking a lot of context. Ironically this comes just moments after Micah complains about people taking stuff out of context. You can hear it for yourself here (Micah’s video moments before he mentions not talking about the Superman segment of Foldable whatever’s video) and compare it to what Foldable/Olson is trying to say in those first roughly 6-7 minutes of his GamerGate video.

In my honest opinion, Olson lays down a lot of ground work that the rest of the video stands on. Dismissing a good quarter of the video because he uses examples from a movie (and Micah’s not a movie critic, which makes sense?) is incredibly dumb.

I am also willing to admit, I can’t get more then 5 minutes into Micah’s video without wanting to slam my head into a wall continually. I wanted to tear it apart, I wanted to quote his stupidity and show where he is wrong. But I can’t. I can sit through a lot of bad movies, but that video just is so dumb, I can’t take it. I’m sorry. But I’m willing to be proven wrong then rather watch Micah’s video.

Whatever, I’m done. I’m the mad child, I’m his “e-stalker”, I’m taking him out of context. I’m amused by Micah because he’s a hypocrite of the highest degree. Before I publish this, I find it interesting that Micah made a closing post to his “Cynic’s Corner” blog. In it he talks about how he started it because he was angry at the world which had taken his wife away from him.

Micah blames his wife’s relatives for ripping her out of his loving arms. That’s part of Micah’s problem in general though. There’s no reflection there, no looking inside himself, no empathy or understanding of other people. Now I don’t claim to know ALL the details, or ANY of the details.

But when you look back at a situation when time has passed, you can see how you might have been wrong. Part of growing up and being mature is the ability to actually admit you were wrong. The ability to realize that there’s no grand conspiracy after you. Sometimes you fucked up. You realize that at the end of the day when your by yourself, your there because of the choices that you made.

To go way off topic, and by this point no one’s probably going to be reading this anyway, I still have a lot of deep feelings for my one ex. 2015 is going to be a decade since I broke up with her. But I can’t go back and change time. I can’t make different choices, I can’t do anything about it. She will never be with me again no matter what I do. She will never talk to me again, and probably doesn’t care about me at all by this point.

I’m sorry for that, and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about Lisa. I could blame others, I could concoct all sorts of schemes of why it’s not my fault that we aren’t together anymore. But that’s not the truth. I fucked up and I know it and I admit it. I’m never going to be able to tell Lisa I’m sorry.

But the Sun will come up tomorrow, and life will go on. I am just a single cog in a gigantic machine, just trying to enjoy every day I have. So Fuck it, let’s do this shit.

Why Micah Curtis Will Never Be A Real Journalist

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I write because I enjoy writing. I actually started up this blog because a bunch of idiots got me thrown of off Livejournal. Although this is definitely a different beast, as LJ tended to be day to day doldrums of my life, while this blog tends to look at interesting topics of the moment. I don’t see myself being paid to write anywhere, nor do I work towards it.

But Micah Curtis holds himself in pretty high regard, considering himself a “Video Game Journalist”. He’s also been published in a few local newspapers covering MMA. But I can tell you why he will never be a serious journalist, or paid outside of the web for his work. This series of tweets is so dumb, that I had to double check with a friend to make sure what I was reading was real.

That might not mean much to you right now, if you haven’t been following GamerGate, but let me explain it to you. Dan Olson is foldable human, who made a critical video about GamerGate a few months ago with a puppet. It actually did a pretty good summary of all the bullshit that is GamerGate.  Micah made a largely nonsensical response video and post, in which he took the whole thing out of context.

The other day Olson made a post critical of 8Chan’s stance on Child Pornography. Now I don’t say this too often, but word of warning before clicking the link. Olson took screenshots of some of the horrible CP and comments that are on 8Chan. He censored the offending images, but it’s still a horrible, horrible thing to read. So that’s your warning before going to this link, at the very least read up to his warning.

For the uninitiated 8chan is pretty much a knockoff of 4chan. This wikipedia article sums it up rather quickly if your still curious. Why does 8chan matter to GamerGate? Because when 4chan started banning people due to GamerGate, 8chan welcomed those members in with open arms. Along with the subreddit KotakuInAction, it’s the largest gathering point for GamerGate members.

GamerGate, the ethical crusade that it is, decided in response to Dan Olson’s post (which did not mention GamerGate) to attack Dan Olson for possession of Child Pornography.

Yes, instead of trying to make their host change their stance towards Child Pornography, they decided to attack Dan Olson, who is technically a whistle blower in this situation. I have no words.

Micah, “video game journalist” and wannabe real journalist, who fights for ethics in video games, took the stance that Dan Olson should be reported. There is nothing on his timeline attacking 8Chan for hosting CP. Nothing on his timeline saying shame on 8Chan for not taking actions against the people posting CP to the site. But Dan Olson has multiple tweets against him.

One other tweet he did make was him saying he was “amazed” that someone would make a story out of it instead of just reporting it to the right authorities. Of course there’s no reason to believe that Dan Olson hadn’t already reported 8Chan to authorities and even reported some of the threads he took screenshots of to 8Chan.

But the idea that someone who is whistle blowing something horrible, is somehow a criminal who should be punished for what his whistle blowing involved is incredibly stupid. This is a situation in which no matter your stance on the issue, you should be able to pull your head out of your ass and say “maybe this person I agree with is making wrong choices.”

There’s also an argument to be made that although he did report that child porn to the right places, those places were slow to move. Thus his story was created as a way to pick up traction online and add pressure to people to do stuff about the CP on 8Chan. Above all else it’s pretty clear that Dan Olson wasn’t trying to legitimately spread CP. This argument would almost be like claiming Chris Hanson was spreading CP while doing his reports.

This is why Micah Curtis will never be taken seriously as a journalist. No sane human being is going to look at this situation and be critical of Dan Olson. You have to have a complete lack of empathy, a complete lack of empathy. If you can’t put yourself in another person’s shoes sometimes then you really shouldn’t be a journalist.

Also anyone that might want to hire Micah Curtis and looks into his online history and sees this should be shocked and horrified. Sure, on his twitter what he says isn’t a direct representation of any company that hires him. But companies in this day and age of background tests and drug tests take the time to google their employee backgrounds and when something like this comes up they head for the hills.