The Definitive Milbury Sucks: 95/96 Islanders Flowchart

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I’ve long dreamed of working out a Flow Chart of all of Mike Milbury’s nonsensical trades. Finally, that day has come. Truthfully this may be my last Islanders-Centric Milbury Sucks. I mean the awfulness of following how he turned a bad team with some promising prospects into Jesse Joensuu, Jeff Tambelleni, Radek Martinek and Denis Grebeshkov (along with some draft picks) is a wild ride and it’s all here.

Diamonds are players who Milbury inherited. When I thought the player wasn’t easily recognizable but was an important former draft pick I added his year. Circles are draft picks. For draft picks if the team name isn’t listed, then it was an Islander pick or I couldn’t find out who owned the pick. I tried to get every part of a trade unless it was completely pointless (eg: trading a 5th for a 7th and neither player did anything important). Rectangles are players that Milbury acquired. Circular Rectangles are where the chart ends. Either because I couldn’t find out what happened to the Draft pick or because the player was still an Islander when Milbury was fired.

I did take a bit of liberty in adding Jan Hlavac, but Milbury did inherit the former 2nd rounder and trade him for a former 9th round pick in Jorgen Jonsson. I also took liberty in adding the horrible JP Dumont trade. But considering JP Dumont was the first player taken by Milbury (and is widely considered the best player of that first round) I think it’s a perfect sign of Milbury’s early stupidity.

For Milbury defenders, yes, I left out Trent Hunter’s trade. It was probably his best trade. But really, does it make this any better?

I have no idea why the Image doesn’t fit on the blog. Click on the image or the Alt Download Link for the Full Sized Version.

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Milbury Sucks
Milbury Sucks

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