Islander Fans Deserve Better

Islander Fans Deserve Better

The other night I got into a twitter argument with Daniel Friedman and BD Gallof. I’ve talked about Gallof before,but Friedman seems to be following in his footsteps. First taking over for Gallof at WFAN and in general style. Friedman claimed that according to his sources the Islanders were too cheap to buy out DiPietro. This following a morning article by brilliant NY Post author Larry Brooks which basically said the same.

An hour after Friedman’s tweet, the Isles had bought out DP. In taking a beating on twitter, Friedman went sofar as to claim that the Isles had only decided to buy out DP in the last hour. Yes, a move that would cost the team a million dollars until 2029 was only decided upon in an hour. As Dave Schultz said, if that’s true the team’s front office is even worse then anyone can imagine.

This is what I have been arguing about ever since I started following the Islanders again. The local press does almost nothing to cover the team. Newsday has the only beat writer, Brooks just bashes the team occasionally, and I think the News runs with AP coverage of the team.

Meanwhile, online, Isles fans are seemingly bombarded by “professional” “journalists” who are more about getting their name out there. They proceed to create sources for their opinions so they can be taken credibly within the hockey community online.  But you may ask, what about when reality doesn’t line up with what they expected?

It’s a two part answer. First throw so much shit at the wall that you’ll always be right somewhere along the line. Secondly expect that everyone has a short attention span and won’t remember what you might have predicted a month ago. Or an hour ago.

They’ve also taken the success of Chris Botta of IPB to heart. But Botta at least really had sources within the organization,  considering how long he had been a part of it for. Also Botta’s ranting and raving about the team was based more in personal matters. These guys just see the love and popularity that IPB got and are trying to ape that same style.

There seems to be a permanent chunk of the Islanders fanbase that will continually eat up negative coverage. For the rest of us though we would like to be fans of a team without CONSTANTLY being reminded of how horrible everything is. Or having to defend every tiny move that Snow makes without hearing “WANGSNOW LOL”. We get enough of that from the constant hack jobs done by the National Hockey media. I mean just look at this Puck Daddy post from the Halak signing. I have no words, how can you possibly argue the Halak signing was bad?

Islander fans deserve better coverage. Or at the very least even handed coverage of the team instead of every single thing being absolutely shit on. Guys like Gallof and Friedman would be laughed out of the building if they were in Toronto or any number of teams with major coverage. Even if they were covering the Rangers they wouldn’t be taken this seriously. But it’s the Islanders who don’t drive readers/viewers so editors don’t care.

So I am using this puny platform I have to call on Islander fans to fight back. Stop following Gallof and Friedman on twitter. Don’t read their stories. Don’t retweet what they say (unless it’s incredibly stupid), just do your best to pretend they don’t exist. No one else is going to fight back against their stupidity, so we have to do it ourselves. It’s the time as Islander fans to say enough is enough and just boycott these two douchebags.

PS: I should mention that I had this article written in drafts for a while, so some of it’s outdated. But I was inspired to return to it because of Friedman’s article bashing Garik16’s article about Reinhart on LHH. There’s a lot of people who are high on Reinhart considering his play as of late. But while Garik largely says he’s going to be a good shutdown defenseman, there are comparables that are worrying (read the article!)

Friedman who recently complained that he didn’t understand advanced stats, took this to mean that the advanced stats people are already labeling him a bust. I’m not even sure how he jumped to this conclusion, and really I can’t get more then a paragraph or two into his story. I’m not going to link his story because I want people to stop going to his pointless articles. That’s the whole point of what I’ve written here, obviously.

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One thought on “Islander Fans Deserve Better

  1. I totally agree with you about both of them.
    DB (not a mistype) Galoff is a hack and a bully. Friedman is a joke as well. The fact that fans treat what they say as gospel is disgusting to me. They are not journalists. They are the NHL’s equivalent of tabloid journalists and should be writing for the National Inquirer.

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