Micah C is a Racist Scumbag

Micah C is a Racist Scumbag

I realize that the last post I made was 2 months ago, and about Micah C. But there’s something about his stupidity that inspires me to post. His newest political ranting inspired me and then some, you can read it here. It’s almost as if Micah just ignores everything that’s outside his comfort zone. I’ve actually read a good chunk of what the maniacs in the tea party have written just so I can counter their stupid logic. But on with the show!

I think the title is appropriate. The more I hear about this guy, the more I realize how much of a race-baiting scumbag bigot he is. First time I ever became aware of this moron was on Bill Maher’s “Race Baiting and Bad Jokes” or whatever his HBO show is called. I think it may actually be “God killed my kitten when I was 5 and I’m mad.”

How do you not know the title of Bill Maher’s show? I mean it’s not really that hard, it’s called Real Time. Or you could always call it Politically Incorrect – HBO Edition. I guess it’s so impossible for someone to have an opposing view point to Micah that they must be petty angry people holding grudges from when they were 5. BTW googling “Race Baiting Bill Maher” comes up with a bunch of stories from when Maher took it to Reagan (the guy who vetoed the Anti-Apartheid Bill) for being racist.

Not completely sure. Anyway, there was a segment between Andrew Breitbart, Maher, and Dyson where Breitbart is discussing libertarianism and Ayn Rand’s works selling well, and Maher goes off on his usual schtick of “ermagerd right wingers lerv derr gerns and derr all racists derr herr derr.” Breitbart rightly calls him on it, and Dyson launches into one of the most idiotic tirades I had ever heard in my life. Starts at 3:25.

Wow, Breitbart. Really, Breitbart? The guy who continually cost good people their jobs and careers because he had to push a political agenda. Remember his video that basically destroyed Acorn? The video that was completely doctored and edited? Because Acorn got Obama elected. I could go on and on, or just show you this website.

So Micah links this video (but he says it starts at 3:25, I find the meat of it is before then and I’ve actually made the link to that time) whose actual title is “Michael Eric Dyson schools racist “Liberterian” Andrew Breitbart on Real Time with Bill Maher” and then adds a brilliant comedic shot at Maher:

Note: Bill Maher needs to fire the guy who does the Applause sign for his crowd. His timing is bad.

I guess the live audience for Bill Maher isn’t going to be liberal? So they need help to know when to applause? The amazing thing about this argument isn’t anything that Michael Dyson says, but that Breitbart is trying to argue that the black intelligentsia is forcing black people away from the conservative side of things. That’s probably why Micah wants you to start at 3:25, just after Breitbart’s shutup. Because there’s no defending anything Breitbart’s said. But let’s see what Micah says.

First thing I caught was that he said he wasn’t calling Breitbart a racist, but accused him of using “code language” (that doesn’t exist) and then mutters the line “I’m able to speak articulately,” implying that Breitbart thinks he’s an idiot because he’s black. So, he lies about some sort of code language, then calls Breitbart a racist using something close to a code language.

I had to watch the video a few times, but Dyson doesn’t call him a racist. Breitbart immediately says “so your calling me a racist” and Dyson says I’m able to speak articulately as in he’s able to explain what point he’s making without help from Breitbart. That point being that today you can’t be a dyed in the wool racist like you were in the 60’s, but conservatives still speak in a way that comes across as racist. For example Dyson points out Breitbart’s disparaging comment about the “Black Studies Professors”. The reality is you have to watch the whole clip, and both mine and Micah’s summarizing it doesn’t do it justice.

Aside from just being douchey, Dyson comes across as someone who isn’t a moron (he actually does make a decent point about African Americans today in regards to how many men are in jail and such) but has a skewed idea of how conservatives see skin color.

I’m rather curious as how Dyson is douchey, especially watching that video. Breitbart is bad at making points and constantly tries to jump in/cutoff Dyson as he’s making a long answer to what Breitbart says. Not every answer in the world is a 5 second sound bite. Sometimes it does take a minute or two to expound on a point. I also like how Micah misses the point about how many African Americans are in jail today. It’s not as though African Americans and other minorities are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime. The laws are being written and enforced in a way that disproportionately hurt minorities more.

The guiding light behind that? Republicans and conservatives. Especially when they can’t win the votes of minorities. Not only do you have states in which felons can’t vote, but some of them will never allow a felon to vote. For minorities it’s usually a matter of making one mistake when they are young, and they are branded for life. It’s so much harder to get a job, that it becomes an endless cycle of crime/incarceration with no end. So yes, minorities tend to rightfully blame Republicans and Conservatives for this.

On a personal note and speaking as a registered Tea Party member,

Wait, wait, did you actually register for one of the million (okay at least around here there’s a million tiny tea party parties) tea parties who have sprout into existence? I consider myself a Communist/Anarchist and I tend to dislike the Democrats for not being left leaning enough. But at the very least I realize that if I register as a Communist I can’t vote in Democratic primaries and I’d rather be able to vote in primaries. So instead of being able to vote in a Republican primary and possibly swing Republicans closer to your view, you registered for a party that will eternally siphon 100-200 votes in the general election from Republicans, BRILLIANT!

we don’t discriminate.

Wait, what? Oh wait, that’s right. If you want to join the Tea Party, feel free. Of course don’t expect them to actually do anything for you. Plus they only really want 1 black person per branch, just so they all have a black friend. This whole post by Micah is about how the Left/Liberals are really the racists. Because it’s always projection, and Micah’s head is so buried into the sand he is clueless. Sure the Old White Conservatives who suddenly sprung to life and believe that the Kenyan Obama is destroying the country. Wonder where these people were when Bush started a war based on Lies and destroyed the economy? BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI!!!

We want all people to join together to build a country that gets back to basics.

What exactly is back to the basics? Cause for me that means maybe we should cut some of the insane defense budget down? I believe Micah is the same age as me, so exactly what basics is he talking about? I don’t know, he’ll never explain it in this post and I’ll just be scratching my head.

People are starting to catch on as well. Recently in Chicago, a town hall meeting called by Al Sharpton completely and totally backfired on him. People want jobs, new leadership, and a better city, not self-imposed racial segregation, gun control, and inept leadership looking to rob them. See for yourself.

I liked the video he’s referencing. Of course it’s from a Breitbart source. I wonder how long the actual town hall went on for considering this video is only 6 minutes of it. Mostly it seems to be people upset with local Chicago politics. Shockingly though, Rahm Emanuel won election with 55% of the vote versus 23% for his closest opponent. He also seems to currently be running a near 50% approval rating, which is better then a lot of politicians right now.

Edit: As noted by friend of the blog, Les Mavus AKA HockeyGoalieEh, Chicago was the Murder Capitol of the US in 2012, and just closed out 2013 with a near 20% drop. All of this without arming every citizen in the city.

Just as a note, the Tea Party loves Chicago, and we want the same things for Illinois in general. God bless you, and I’m praying for all of you.

Yes, the four people at an Al Sharpton Town Hall who come close to your political viewpoint are obviously a signal of open revolt in Chicago. Of course it’s not just a local Chicago problem either. There’s a lot of issues in most major cities across the US right now. But one thing I know is that the largely Suburban tea party isn’t the answer.

Back on to Dyson. It seems like his entire schtick at this point is to try and make white people out to be the same devil that Malcom X tried to do as well, but he’s about forty years too late. He’s even gone and said some incredibly disgusting things like the following:

“So now we get more approximate to the truth of what race is in this country. As for Eric Holder, look: the reality is you gotta act now. The president, you won the second term. You’re in office. You are ensconced. Do something courageous, bold, and helpful. Not only to African American people but to America. Because unless we do this, white Americans and others will feel that this was a justifiable verdict, this is how things happen. Not until, and unless, the number of white kids die that approximate the numbers of black and other kids who die, will America see. It’s beyond logic. It’s about rationality. It’s about let’s get something done. I think the attorney general will look at this and I think it’s time for him to act.”

Yes, it might be shocking to hear, but until some white kid dies from the “stand your ground” law, they aren’t going to change. It’s basically an extension of Missing White Woman Syndrome. White people are going to say to themselves that “My Child would never be in that situation” until it’s a white child that dies to an idiots bullet. I mean look at the amount of protesting and work it took JUST to get George Zimmerman arrested. Let me repeat that, George Zimmerman shot an unarmed person and it took a huge national outcry just to get him arrested.

This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, considering that he constantly supports a party that was behind some of the most racist movements of the last two hundred years, including the foundation of the KKK and the intimidation of African American voters post-civil war.

I, what, I, what? Seriously? Micah is trying to say that the Democratic party of today is the same party responsible for the KKK and Seperate, But Equal? Yes, the names the same, but it’s obviously not the same party. Lyndon B Johnson knew it was the end of the solid south strategy when he signed the Civil Rights Act into law. Nixon used the south’s racial fears to get himself elected by running on a state’s rights platform. Most Southern Democrats switched parties.

The ghost of the party that was the Democrats from Post Civil War up until the new deal or the Civil Rights Act now rests with the Republican Party. Strom Thurmond is the perfect example, as he voted against the Civil Rights Act and was a noted Segregationist. Following the passing of the law he switched Parties. But once he started seeing his fellow racist senators losing, he softened his position.

Most recently, he’s found his way to attacking Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander fame. During a segment on MSNBC, after a member of a panel suggests that interest groups need to find a common ground or there could be disaster (which was a very truthful statement that needs to come true), Dyson immediately launches into a tirade that paints Robertson as a racist over a quote where Phil stated that he wasn’t around a lot of the segregation and misery during the 60’s. He also paints all white people as racists.

Micah’s original link doesn’t work, so I believe he’s talking about this Dyson clip. I like how Micah says something is a truthful statement that needs to come true. The problem with interest groups finding “common ground” is that there tends to be a side who just wants to live and let live (LGBT) and a side that considers all homosexuality a deviant lifestyle that needs to be punished (Religious Right). Hard to find common ground.

And once again, here’s where the point goes flying over Micah’s head. What Dyson says is that consciously or unconsciously our culture has largely been a white supremacist culture. That is true, being a white male there are all sorts of windows and doors and chances for you to be successful. It’s classic nature vs nurture. There are plenty of minorities who may be 10x more talented then me that are sitting in jail or in dead end jobs just because of their skin color.

Look, most people may not mean to be racist, but it is quite possible for them to be racist in ways that they don’t even realize. If no one ever points it out to them (and most people won’t/or won’t realize it) they will never know. It’s not race baiting to claim that the deck has been stacked against minorities being a success for the better part of the last 200 years. No one wants to be labelled a racist though, so I can see why people are upset about hearing the truth.

So, if you like Duck Dynasty, or if you agree with what Phil Robertson said, or something along those lines, you hate black people. These statements are absolutely ridiculous, and have no logical grounding, nor are they based in reality. This is simply racist speak from a man who hates white people because they’re a different color than him.

Okay, so up to this point I’ve been able to ignore what Robertson said. I don’t care, he’s a shithead on a shitty show that I wouldn’t know about if it weren’t for people asking if my beard was cause of the show. So let me take a look at what exactly Phil Robertson said.

“Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash,” he said.  “They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!… Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

Wow, I know a lot has been made about his comments about homosexuality, but why is everyone ignoring this dumb quote? I mean you can almost imagine the same claim being made in 1913 about back when blacks were still slaves. Yes, they were singing and happy because they were either uneducated or undereducated, and also realized that in the society in which they lived there was no advancement for them. Plus could you imagine what would have happened if one of them complained about the work? I’m sure that was a merry old farm for the black people.

Look, as far as I can tell Dyson doesn’t “Hate White People” it’s that white people hate when their racism is being pointed out to them. The answer seems to be shoot the messenger, at least from the right. Even I will admit to being racist sometimes without realizing it. It’s hard when it’s been so ingrained in you since you were a kid. It’s like realizing that America isn’t the freedom and peace spreading country you learned about all through school. Or like learning that Santa isn’t real.

Dyson comes from the same cut as Professor Derek Bell (a noted anti-semite) and Louis Farakhan (who is also an anti-semetic bigot), where he spouts nonsense that attempts to rile up anyone of dark skin to separate themselves from anyone of a different color, and demonize them.

Well Louis Farakhan is a bit of insanity all in himself. I should mention that Farakhan also believes in dianetics (aka the Church of Scientology). I remember hearing a bit about Bell back during the 08 election, but reading the article, the whole antisemitism seems to be based on something he wrote/said in 1994. Bell mostly spent his life fighting against institutional racism at the Harvard Law School.

Americans don’t want segregation, Michael. What we want is unity. We want one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Beyond that, we want what Doctor King wanted.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Every night I pray for our leaders, and I believe that with the right push, we can take people like Dyson off of our televisions, and bring in people who want something new, and something good. We got rid of Martin Bashir, and we can get rid of all these corrupt sycophants as well.

Americans don’t want segregation, it already exists. School districts are now more segregated then they were during segregation. Look, no one is blatantly racist anymore unless they are a maniac. But it’s more of a wink, wink, nudge, nudge thing, as Dyson points out in the first video.

For example, let’s take “No Child Left Behind” which had mandatory testing to see how well a school was doing. If a school did well on the testing it got more funding. But a school doing bad on the testing meant less funding. But the playing field wasn’t level to begin with. School largely get their budgets from property taxes. White neighborhoods tend to have higher property values then minority neighborhoods, and thus better funding and schools. So white schools tended to do better on the test, resulting in more funds.

The reality is if you are anything but a White, Christian and Male, the deck is stacked against you. The new response from the right seems to be if you point out such inequalities, your obviously race baiting or bringing race into it. At the same time if you point out someone on the right has said something insanely insensitive, racist or homophobic, your trampling that persons free speech.

Maybe if Micah ever gets his head out of his own ass (and stops following insanity plagued right wing websites) he’ll see that the world isn’t as pretty and equal as he believes it to be. But I really doubt that would ever happen, and I can’t believe I spent this much time on a post that 8 people or so will read.

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